you want in Job getting ahead but unsure what kind of career person you are? Would you also like a job that fulfills you according to your individual goals and ideas and makes you happy?

career types

What does career make?

It's always her Rede of “making a career”. But what does that actually mean? Most people associate it with being fast and hierarchical Ascent in a big one Company. “Climbing up the career ladder” means that you have to assert yourself against others, assert yourself and sometimes miss your personal dreams.

But is there only one type of career? No. There are also others where the career is geared more towards one's own ideas and expectations. Not everyone who fills a management position is automatically happy.

Why is?

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It's more about that Set, which one sets oneself in life, as well as with one's professional career satisfied to be - regardless of whether you are sitting in the executive chair or not.

This becomes more understandable once you Term “career” (from English) translated: This means professional development. This is based on character traits and one's own possibilities as well qualifications. So before you apply for a post apply, you should check beforehand whether the position on offer suits you and whether you are the right person. Those who correctly assess their potential will be happy!

4 career types where you can orient yourself and recover:

  1. The success-oriented: He stands out for his determination, has clear goals and is willing to make sacrifices for them. The success-oriented sees itself in a leadership position in which he has great responsibility and decision-making power. This guy should not be afraid of going it alone or having power struggles. Discipline and dominance are essential characteristics. A high salary and reputation are the reward for his hard work.
  2. The family or leisure-oriented: With this type the family and family planning or the leisure time with friends is at the top place. Working hours must be compatible with everyday life and career. At best, child care is provided. For this type, harmony is particularly important in the workplace. Working hours must be flexible, if the child suddenly becomes sick or the best friend of the child has been concerned about the child's health. It should also be possible to work from home. Longer absence should not be a problem.
  3. The self-actual: If you are looking for challenges and new territory, then you can assign yourself to this type. The aim is to realize your own dreams and ideas. This requires a high level of initiative and creativity. This guy feels very much at home in a start-up company where he can ambitiously and purposefully contribute himself. He is passionate about innovative ideas of which he is convinced. The salary and professional reputation as well as constant promotions are more in the background. He must not be afraid of risks and setbacks.
  4. The down-to-earth The down-to-earth goes through a classic professional career without pursuing specific goals or demands. He does his work conscientiously and without pressure. This type is long-term in the company and appreciates the routine and safety. He feels connected to the company. He has no problem with subordinating himself and taking instructions. He appreciates regular working hours and a solid salary. He strives for further education but rather without major professional changes and usually takes no risk. Nevertheless, he stands with both legs in life. Having solid ground under your feet can have quite clear advantages: Safety and stability in life are important factors to be able to switch off after work and to enjoy the time with the family.

Checklist: How do I find out which type of trainee I am?

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  1. Request feedback: Sometimes the best friends or family know us better than we do ourselves. So why not just ask a person of trust. This way, you can find out whether you may expect too much or underestimate yourself. Alternatively, you could also conduct a personality test, for example with specially trained coaches.
  2. Find alternatives: If you can not unambiguously assign a type, then that is no problem. Personal goals also change with age and professional experience. Try to compromise or search for alternatives. Frequently, a mix of different types is given, since different jobs simply leave different potentials free.
  3. Learning from the past: What can you take with you from your previous jobs? Draw your summary and list the things you liked and those you did not like. This allows you to remember whether you want certain tasks, a specific work environment or colleagues' relations to be your way.
  4. Wishlist: What is your future? List your expectations and goals for the future of your career and deliberately deal with it. Often it also helps to set a timing for the targets, if possible, so that they do not get lost in the sand. Also, talk openly with your employer about your goals so that he / she becomes aware that you have needs and which type of careers you are.

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