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The stock photo agency Shutterstock opened its European headquarters in Berlin this week. What are the Set of the company in Europe and what are the personal recipes for success?

The Amazon of stock photography?

Jon Oringer, Silicon Alley's First Billionaire according to Forbes, is poised to become for stock photography what Amazon is for the book market or Google for the Online-Search is. Nevertheless, the entrepreneur is rather modest and reserved.

On best of HR -®, Oringer has already told about his successful business idea: He started Shutterstock in 2003 by uploading 30.000 of his own images and making them available to subscribers. Later he convinced more and more artists to upload more pictures.

Berlin as part of the expansion strategy

Today the platform markets around 30 million images by 400.000 artists worldwide in 150 countries and 20 languages. Around 170.000 new photos are added every week. Recently it cracked Company the Brand of 350 million paid downloads.

A sales office was recently opened in London. The new Office in Berlin is part of Shutterstock's expansion strategy as its European headquarters - you can tell that the company with its subscriber business model, in contrast to various others Internet-Giant none Anxiety before the German Privacy Policy need to have.

“Germany is the largest market in Europe”

750.000 customers the company has worldwide, 30 to 40 percent of them in Europe. "Germany is the largest market in Europe," says Oringer in the video and explains later in the Conversation the choice of location in more detail:

“Berlin is an exciting and dynamic city in a growing market for Shutterstock. The metropolis offers the perfect mix of Art, media and Technology and is also the gateway to the rest of Europe.” And it is precisely in this mix that Oringer believes he can find the best and most creative minds for his company.

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Wanted: Employees who think entrepreneurially

Because from this European headquarters, Shutterstock would like to advance its expansion plans and to do so Team made up of product, technology, sales and customer service specialists. Ten full-time employees have been working in the office in Prenzlauer Berg since this week. The company expects more than 20 Employees to be set up by the end of 2014.

Oringer was already in his Articles he wrote again in the video: The challenge is to find people who have the same entrepreneurial spirit as himself. Oringer, who initially did everything himself, has found over 300 such employees.

How do you apply?

We are primarily looking for sales people with an understanding of creative people and – how could it be otherwise – Developer for mobile applications. In order to find such people, the company organizes a hackathon every year (I just reported on the format) in which creative people can live it up.

Who is for Berlin apply wants, however, has to take the route via the USA. He can find more information on. Caution: The job information is not always displayed.

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The success recipe of Jon Oringer

The person Jon Oringer, however, can hardly be grasped in the personal conversation: the answers are short and precise, he describes his work style as efficient. Oringer is not one who enjoys talking himself.

This form of understatement makes him sympathisch, but my work as a journalist is no easier. He also remains modest when asked about his recipe for success: Above all, he says he has a very good team that he can build on.

And be Success was above all the product of his failure, according to Oringer. Before he founded Shutterstock, he already failed several companies. The lessons learned from these failures flowed directly into the development of Shutterstock. The previous failure was therefore a direct prerequisite for today's success.

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