A much-requested quality for leaders is authenticity. A lot of people think for themselves authentic to be as long as they don't change. I see it differently: since authenticity, as defined by many, is not very effective. On the other hand, professional authenticity can Success influence.

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I want to stay the way I am?

Who does not want to be authentic? To be authentic is also a frequently mentioned property when it comes to assessing leadership personalities. No one is surprised if most of them want to remain authentic.

"I want to stay the way I am!" was once an advertising message. Many people think this or something similar when it comes to authenticity. But staying the same as before is by no means a guarantee of success.

Authenticity - a word with many meanings

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Authenticity is defined in very different ways. In management theory, it means doing what you preach. In advertising, these are products that, depending on the manufacturer's way of thinking, are identified in terms of origin, ingredients or Brand be real

And in sociology and Psychology it is a verbal and non-verbal correspondence Communication. We're interested in the latter, because that's what People mean when you talk about someone being authentic. The meaning of the word is quite simple, it simply means “real”.

The subconscious decides what really works

When we interact with others, our powerful subconscious constantly checks whether what they are doing and saying is real. It is a security strategy. However, the crucial word is not “real” at all, but rather “works”. We are concerned with whether we believe that someone acts genuinely in their actions and speeches.

Although this subtle difference may sound subtle at first, it is important. In addition, it is not about how much the action corresponds to what happened in the past, it is simply about the moment. Because someone comes across as real when every detail of the body language and voice matches what he does and says.

The less negative evidence, the more convincing

Our subconscious has a very keen sense and immediately reports it to the conscious mind if something seems suspicious. And so the rule of thumb is: the less negative Clues can be discovered on the other person, the sooner it arises Respect and persuasiveness.

The meaning of the statement also plays a role: in a case of trivia, it does not matter how authentic the person is. The subconscious also compares with the huge experience of other people in similar situations - and so it sometimes loses in importance whether these signals are typical or extraordinary for this person.

To stay as you are - not so important?

Therefore, we remember: staying as always is not so important.

Because authenticity has nothing to do with stubbornly sticking to the course you have taken. It is much more about being professionally authentic act. And that means a lot sovereignty and do self-assurance.

Looking for the smallest signal

The comparison with the experience treasure plays a very important role, because we own own experiences. We determine whether we consider content and person as credible, trustworthy, serious and compelling. Therefore, every little signal came.

No matter how powerful arguments may be, if they don't come across as authentic, they won't work. For you, this means that your powers of persuasion depend not so much on the arguments as on the Effect depends on your personality. It's not just about being credible or unbelievable.

The more sovereign, the more convincing

The more sovereign and self-assured a person is, the more attributes such as perseverance and respect rise - which both have a lot to do with each other. This is read in body language. It is by no means sufficient for a management to be credible, it must also convince through personality.

Being real is not a reason to be sovereign and believable. Someone who is always going through life with hanging shoulders or evasive eye contact is also genuine. It is his style and typical for him. Sufficient to convince with personality, it is usually not.

Change habits but remain genuine

Now try to be that person Behavior to change stirs inner resistance. Each of these signals, including slumped shoulders or too little eye contact, have their roots in personality. Initially, changes no longer correspond to this. In addition, many also have a conscious fear of change the authenticity could suffer.

Behavior is mostly habit. If you live out your habits for a long time, you won't become them just by doing them Reset can change. Anyone who tries to get rid of a phrase like “Uh” knows that. Knowledge alone is not enough. However, many of these small non-verbal or verbal characteristics have to do with a low or high level of inner insecurity.

Not every uncertainty is a credibility disaster!

Or they are at least interpreted as such from the outside. On the other hand, they are a mass phenomenon. That's why not every insecurity that shows up in a small gesture degenerates into a credibility catastrophe. Because we see the signals of uncertainty every day, verlieren her drama.

Nevertheless, a person becomes more uncertain as the signals accumulate. This happens particularly in unusual or particularly important situations, such as presentations or delicate negotiations. However, in these situations, sovereign conviction is the key.

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