Boy People have a difficult start in working life. the constant growth and the professional security that their parents experienced no longer applies to them. But the first years of work are crucial for a successful career. 10 tips on how to successfully masters.

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Why are the first years of 10?

This increases in the first ten years of work salary by up to 70% that Employees-Mobility is highest, there are most job changes and the career path finds its foundation here.

Develops the Economy during this period bad verlieren the young workers
many opportunities and often cannot find jobs that match their good ones Vocational Training are equivalent to. She
start theirs Career in smaller ones Corporate and with lower salary than
previous generations.

How do Millenials assess their career chances?

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Based on this observation, we asked ourselves how millennials in
Europe and the US themselves assess their career prospects and what you can do to help
to enable a successful career start.

Of the German millennials, only 24% believe that they are worse
Have career prospects than their parents. The supposedly rather grim Germans are
with the optimistic Europeans. In England, 37% fear worse chances.
In Spain, almost half (46%) of young adults are pessimistic - just like in

High youth unemployment in the south of Europe trims the prospect of a good career

The Spanish economy has been in recent Crisis hit hard, youth unemployment
leveled off at 2016% in 42. After the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, it was even included
over 50%. Our survey shows the scars of this brutal economic crisis. Almost half of all young Spaniards rate their job prospects as worse than their parents.

Amazingly, the French are just as pessimistic as the Spanish, despite being there
youth unemployment is almost half that of Spain - it is at
26%. Obviously, the low economic growth is the main reason for this
gloomy assessment. An OECD report from 2016 describes the low growth in
France as a matter of concern. In an international comparison, the USA lies between Germany and the UK with 32%.

Emerging markets

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But there are also emerging economies in the upturn. For example, our survey data from Mexico are surprising. Young Mexicans, despite Trump, do not spoil the mood - only 19% believe that they will be worse off than their parents.

The country has recovered from the economic crisis of the early XNUMXs, hence the majority of Millennials there optimistic. Statements by the US government that Americans need to protect their southern border contrast with migration numbers. More Mexicans are returning home than are leaving the country. This was the case even before Trump won the election.

10 Tips for the first years of 10: This is how the career style for Millenials will work

  1. Diversity replaces continuity: After two or more years, millennials should ask themselves whether they are still learning and gaining enough experience in their position. If not, it's time to switch or do the
    Employers to negotiate further training or a new position.
  2. Lifelong learning: Diverse experiences pay off in the long term, as the working world is changing faster than before. Technologies revolutionize every conventional industry, and the expertise that has been learned in training is often quickly outdated. Therefore, lifelong learning is becoming more and more important.
  3. Away from specialization: Specialists were in demand for a long time, especially in Germany. While the baby boomer generation was able to focus on their specialty in the long term and stay in the same company for life, the career path is clear today
    less predictable.
  4. Set up Multidisciplinary: Those who have been able to get to know several specialist areas are better equipped for the future. Technology for self-driving cars serves as a good example. The automotive industry, traditionally the domain of machine builders and mechanics, is today dominated by software
    Driven by developers. Whoever was able to gain experience in both fields is today
    in great demand.
  5. Get to know job requirements better: If you have identified a job that really interests you, it is best to look for someone who is already doing it. It quickly becomes clear what demands the job actually has in everyday life. Also, recruiters are a great place to go to
    to find out more about a job profile.
  6. Expand your skills! Be realistic when assessing knowledge gaps. What separates you from those who already occupy the desired position? Fill in so many of these gaps
    as you can by using the appropriate skills, knowledge and all
    Learn the skills you need.
  7. Keep goals in focus: Keep your focus in view despite all the possibilities and do not get bogged down in the multitude of options.
  8. Switch clever: Think about whether a change of position within your organization or a volunteer activity could bring you closer to your goal.
  9. Customize the CV: Every application is individual and your CV should be just as individual for the respective position, so that your prospective employer can see that you are a good fit for the new position.
  10. Away from the Chronological Curriculum Vitae: A simple trick that goes against what we've learned about chronological résumés helps: mark relevant skills and experience on the first page of your résumé and put your professional story on the second. So that the potential
    Employers immediately how to meet the requirements of the job.

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