Looking for something unique yet practical Business-Fashion? Then you should test the Munich fashion label RoQua and its Customized Mass Edition.

Evelyne roqua

How the internet changed the fashion industry

When the fashion industry was the logical domain of a single fashion house, brands were static. But with the advent of the internet, the fashion industry has changed forever. Today, the fashion industry has become a dynamic space that allows brands to interact with consumers in unprecedented ways.

The Ascent of social media has enabled brands to deliver an ever-evolving stream of content draw upwho it den customers allowed to deal with the Brand deal with on a personal level. This new one World the fashion has real impact on the creativity. The fashion industry has always had some shift in its DNA; the Idea mass customization makes it possible to create new fashion concepts with each season.

Mass customization is on the rise

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Mass customization is a buzzword that has gained more and more space in recent years, and not just among fashion professionals. Mass customization is the reshaping of products according to customer requirements. A model that can be implemented both internationally and internationally. There are many forms of mass customization, we call them model-based mass customization.

The German Term for mass customization, or the practice of customizing products, is "mass configure." Many major fashion companies use this model to Costs and reduce the amount of materials used to make garments. This production method allows designers to create an unlimited number of garments to meet any consumer demand.

How mass customization is helping small businesses in particular

Even small ones Corporatewho create their own brands are affected by this trend. Mass customization in a small business means that the shopping cart can be customized from the standard accessories to our personal tastes, and these accessories differ from the classic models, as they are called “from the Stange" in each Shop finds, distinguish.

Mass customization is especially interesting for small businesses, because designing clothes for them is not an easy task. There are numerous drafts selection, everyone has their own Opinions, and each has its own result. That's why it's so difficult to win the heart of the audience. That's why it's so difficult People make you wear your clothes. That's why it's so difficult to get people to buy your designs.

How customer wishes change the business model

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One of these small companies is the Munich label “Roqua”. RoQua was founded in 2007 by the Franco-German Myriam Chebance, who bases the name on her grandmother's maiden name. Originally a “normal” fashion label with its own store in Munich, albeit one with high quality standards, customer requirements changed the business model over time:

Because there were more and more special requests from customers, especially regarding the choice of color and fabric. RoQua then concentrated exclusively on the special requests and developed an eCommerce Solutionthat meets the individual needs of the customers. The company is now based in Munich and currently delivers to all EU countries and the USA.


Successful with the Made to Order concept

Today they can choose their colors and fabrics from various basic models. In the future, customers will even be able to enter their measurements on the website and thus have their individual size calculated. So far you have to be content with the standard sizes. The RoQuaTeam is also happy to help with advice and action when determining the size and is also happy to make small changes.

“I cared about the direct Feedback to get from the customers, yours needs to understand and get to know your desires.” Myriam Chebance explains her successful "Made to order"Concept.

How fashion adapts to customer needs

There are, for example, models that can be adjusted to larger or smaller changes in weight with ties in the hips and waist – a Problem the for sure each Ms. knows. There are different models of trousers, skirts, tops, dresses and shoes available - and they adapt flatteringly to slightly rounder shapes.

The extraordinary cuts are joined by flattering fabrics and bright colors that make the Customer can choose freely. According to RoQua, it only uses fabrics from Italy and France; The garments are produced in Europe. Since it is individually manufactured, the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks.

Annette Roqua

An overdue idea

The pieces can be flexibly and originally combined with one another and with other items of clothing.

This is particularly important because business women in particular are on the road a lot and then always light need clothes that can be combined and yet fit well. The RoQua models create a lot of creative scope here to create a varied look even when travelling. A long overdue idea.

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