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A study by the Nationwide Entrepreneur Agency shows: Only one third of all entrepreneurs are female. The former entrepreneur and member of parliament Antje Lezius explains why.

From 2013 to 2021, Antje Lezius was a federal deputy for the CDU in the Naheland region and, among other things, chaired the commission of inquiry “Beberufliche Education in the digital Working world". Before that she was managing director of a gas station in Idar-Oberstein for 10 years. Today she works as a political and management consultant.

Mrs. Lezius, why did you start your own business then?

1997 more out of necessity. The main road, where our gas station as a family business existed for more than 40 years, has been relocated. And so our existence was endangered.

We therefore decided to build a new gas station, larger, more modern and technically state-of-the-art - with a bistro, a large shop, the latest tank technology, truck fuel pumps and parking spaces as well as showers and toilets suitable for the disabled. If so invest, but then right! That cost 4,5 million marks at the time.

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Is it more difficult to finance such a large-scale project for women?

The credit for this was not easy to get: some banks did not trust us - but not because of it Executive was female, but because we were just a lot smaller before.

I was finally able to convince the bank with a sophisticated business plan that also included a co-Financing by oilSociety and included a fast food chain.

Would you do it again?

Definitely was mine decision, to successfully continue our traditional company and to become self-employed as an entrepreneur, right.

From this experience, I have made myself a second time as a management consultant and business mediator. However, I know today the pitfalls and difficulties of starting a business and the expansion and have learned from it.

Where exactly were the difficulties?

One hurdle was certainly the construction of the gas station. But a particular challenge was the growing number of Employees and building a XNUMX/XNUMXcustomers-Managing service: This also meant working out shift schedules and training employees to work independently.

Speaking of work organization: You have two daughters today. Where do you see the problems of reconciling independence and family?

In the beginning I wanted to do everything on my own and first had to learn how to hire a cleaner, take the children to the all-day kindergarten or sometimes leave them alone. 'Cause like many women I've imagined Company and having to master the household perfectly instead of Tasks to delegate.

In the Business– and Professional Woman Germany eV, one Network for working women, I notice again and again what difficulties women and female founders still have with the compatibility developed by Job and have family. As long as there is still the supposed contradiction between career and family in the minds of our society Term "Rabenmutter" give, a lot of persuasion is still necessary.

Studies show that women make less sales than men. What makes women worse than men?

Women still find it hard to deal only with the hard Shop to take care of: facts, contracts, business plans, sales planning - and how do I earn as much as possible with it Money.

Men, on the other hand, simply have more experience in this area mainly focus on Turnover to do - and to earn accordingly more.

What do women do better than men?

This has already been written so much. Who is better or worse? Is there only black and white? Women do it differently than men.

You see more of the connections and the People in business than pure sales. This has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the Objective, the Ms. or man has

Do women, because of the difficulties that arise during the business start-up and the company day, meet differently?

In my opinion, yes. Women are more sensitive in recognizing difficulties and misgivings in the company. They are talking about things.

You're more likely to search Solutions and help when things go wrong. You work and act with foresight.

What are the obstacles to women who want to start a business?

Above all, they exist resistors their own heads. Women often believe that they are not yet good enough for what they intend to do, that they still lack this Vocational Training or the additional expertise. Women often don't have that either Courage and the power to accept yourself as “woman” is. And since self-confidence, to stand for success and to demand good fees for good work. Because here we are happy to stick to the specified level of our male colleagues.

In addition, of course, there is the envy of other women or resistance from men. But you shouldn't pay attention to that: I often asked suppliers or customers at the gas station for the boss and then I was amazed that it was me - but then it was ok, because in case of doubt she convinces Expertise.

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