Managing is like driving a car. First you do everything as the driving instructor says. It takes a while to find your own way in the jungle of traffic lights, signs and traffic rules Style has developed. But that's exactly what matters for a top manager.

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Peak instead of average is the goal

Because anytime fast, but also for sure Getting from A to B is a mixture of driving technique, social skills, strength of character and personal preferences. In management it also takes a while before you can let go of the “driving instructor”. Usually there are even several: an MBA lecturer on whose every word you hang, a standard work on management that you devour or a mentor in the Companys, who impresses you. The good thing about it: What you learn in this way usually leaves you accident-free, even if not always quickly Objective kommen.

However, if you always drive the way the driving school teaches, you will be an average driver throughout your life. Whoever manages as textbooks, Professoren and older role models, becomes an average manager, has an okay career and is valued as a reliable pack mule. The good thing about gold Regulate is that they enable a level where you can function just fine.

Giving the gas instead of braking

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However, as a manager, if you want to be a leader, a real leader, you have to be prepared to break the rules and know how to do it in order to maximize your success. This is also like on the road: In the driving school, you learn to brake in time, but not when it is better to go on the gas and turn the obstacle elegantly and quickly.

If excellent management means implementing projects highly efficiently (fuel-saving) with maximum speed (fast) and with excellent quality (safely and prudently), many golden rules become well-intentioned advice from which top managers must emancipate themselves. This is what is needed above all Courage. Because golden rules are never entirely wrong, they serve a need for security that one has to overcome in order to be whole Leadership-Retrieve potential.

5 golden rules that top managers must break

With the following 5 rules, we will show you how top managers can achieve success by breaking the rules in a targeted manner.

Rule 1: Make sufferers involved!:

Rule 2: Specify fixed goals!

Rule 3: Give each meeting an agenda!

Rule 4: make decisions by consensus!

Rule 5: Plan all projects!

5 rules of many

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Of course, these Five Rules are only examples of many others. A well-known chess quote is: “A good player knows the rules, a master knows the exceptions!” It takes some experience and a lot of self-confidence to disenchant golden rules in management and replace them with better ones. For managers who want to grow above the average, this development step is without it Alternatives.

Always remember: As a leader, you control your business, and you learn to drive properly after the driving school.

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