"You have to break young people's will first when they are new to us." With such views, here the original sound of a star chef, you don't get very far with the inflowing talents of today's generation. The "poisoned" must give way to a "laughing" corporate culture.

Poisoned versus laughing corporate culture

Work must be fun to be good

Far too many management errors arise outdated management practices and a radical management understanding. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of huntsmen in the chef days, people's hamsters and despots, who fall victim to the machismo, and to which no border is sacred.

“Hard chunks” are held up behind Hand still admired. And often enough it becomes bad Guide knowingly tolerated as long as the results are correct. That is absurd and pathetic at the same time. A good manager can only be considered to be someone whose numbers are right without his people falling by the wayside.

Nobody wants to work for Brutalo managers

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But in an environment in which you can only score with immediate results and maximum returns, many are willing to destroy company values ​​and Employees to sacrifice in order to achieve short-term profit targets. "Anyone who doesn't tolerate that can let our great company health service pick them up again," someone said to me recently.

But the times when employees were nothing but the game figures of the management are finally over. And thank God, the Dinosaur Rambos from analogue days are now threatened with extinction. Because the social media comet is broken. An update of the corporate cultures is in full swing. And everything is under observation by a broad public.

The exploiters in the pillory

The ones on Costs of the community are ruthlessly pilloried. The once so revered idols called power and greed have fallen from grace, at most people still sacrifice to them secretly. And that too will soon end, because nobody wants to work for brutal managers anymore. You dispose of yourself.

Business models are finally being favored that show impressively: You can too successfully be without destroying. You can make good profits and at the same time Welt do a little better. Only such acts belong in the limelight from now on. And managers who cannot or do not want to do this must have their management license revoked immediately.

The new working world needs a new working culture

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The currently much discussed Generation Y follows - what an interesting connection - theory Y by Douglas McGregor, management at the timeprofessor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). His Y stands for the hypothesis of a fundamentally committed employee who becomes even more committed through stimulating, sensitive leadership.

This path is still called “cuddle course” by the tough guys. And those who follow him are laughed at as beta boys. Because where the crowbar is used, where there are no indicators for mindfulness and Esteem where only maximum results count and "calculators" are in charge, there is no room for "soft factors".

But the social media-savvy smartphone elite has long since begun to develop a new, more ethical work culture: value-oriented, confident, playful, autonomous. You can expect livable offices and a sense of togetherness eye level. Basically, the older people want all of this too. Many of them would have always wanted this, but the time was not right to demand this vehemently.

The result of a good corporate culture

In general, corporate culture is the result of a collective learning process that must never be neglected. It includes the visible and the invisible, including taboos and secrets Regulate and norms. she determines

The working atmosphere is an expression of the lived corporate culture. It describes the atmosphere felt by the employees Workplace. It is subject to event-related fluctuations. The corporate culture, on the other hand, is geared towards the long term and is relatively stable.

What matters is how the management behaves

I differentiate between a poisoned and a laughing corporate culture. The first initiates a slow decomposition process. The second makes a Company agile, robust and productive. It even survives crises and emerges stronger from them.

What matters in all of this is how management behaves. Because it is constantly being observed like that Executive is on it. His voice, his gestures, his facial expressions: everything is interpreted. Anything like that light the said word gains weight. If he is in a good mood, the employees will feel with every interaction: Today is a good day. “A good mood is contagious,” as the saying goes. Bad mood too.

The atmosphere spreads from top to bottom

How it works? Spiegelneurons are responsible for this. Through them we experience what others do feel, in a kind of internal simulation. This leads to an emotional "infection", to spontaneous imitation and often also to an unconscious copying of style and habit.

We are wired to resonate with those around us. There are only a few People Pioneers, most are imitators. Even if we don't for sure then we follow the one who gives us the feeling of being quite sure of his cause. And that's the boss, for example. This is how it eventually multiplies Behavior the management crew through their day-to-day activities.

Graphic corporate culture

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