Which means good Guide? And can managers be role models? Or is their image too bad to do justice to such a role? 4 theses on executives as role models.

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Manager as role models?

Can managers, a profession that is badly shaken by the financial crisis and other incidents in its image, still play an exemplary role today? Or should one say goodbye to (false) role models in management days?

At least Reinhard K. Sprenger expressed this view in his Article Example a. D., which he published in manager-magazin a few years ago. To put it straight away: I am different Opinions. And the topic is still burningly topical today.

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Even then, after the release, waves were running high. With his rejection of the role model function of executives, managementAdviser Sprenger stirred up tempers and not only prompted his colleague Klaus Doppler, who answered him publicly in the next issue, to reply.

Find numerous Executives Sprenger firmly contradicts when he claims that today's managers can do without authenticity, Job and private individual should be cleanly separated and instead inspire uniqueness and individuality - in order to then "capitalize" these desirable qualities.

Can managers not be role models?

At a time when the Chancellor herself has to defend herself against the accusation of poor leadership, the image of managers has been so damaged after the financial crisis that the entire profession is being accused of greed and exploitation and the call for ethical action by those responsible in Economy and Society becomes louder and louder, Sprenger provokes by trying to do away with the "waiting for role models":

After all, managers are only human. How much role model can, how much role model must he Executive be? In the following, we try to shed light on some of the misconceptions about leadership and role model.

These 1: role models in the executive days have not been worn out!

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While in recent years buzzwords such as CSR the responsibility of companies and entrepreneurs as not only ecologically and socially, but also economically only promising Strategy demanded and in the course of the economic crisis and unemployment the demand for moral and sustained author Sprenger considers the “executive as a role model” to be an obsolete model instead of exclusively profit-oriented leaders:

Every boss is an example!

They contradict the development of independent Employees and that commanded before the individual Respect. On the other hand, it can be said that every boss – whether he likes it or not! – Is a role model, because people tend to imitate: every behavior of the superior, whether positive or negative, will sooner or later be found among his employees.

Another response to sprinklers in the SZ sums it up: “The late comer, the tight-fisted, the today-here-tomorrow-Dortmunder - all will at some point be found on the lower levelsspiegelt see. And primarily by employees who believe that this makes it easier to make it to the upper levels. By the way, this is called corporate culture ”

A bad boss beats down!

So marriage executives with Sprenger for the good of Company happily tossing manners, respect and ethics overboard should they face the consequences.

Consider it: As a manager, you stand on a stage every day. You are a role model simply because you are noticed - how you shape this role will have a decisive impact on that Behavior affect your employees!

Thesis 2: Managers are committed to the good of the company - so it is important to be a role model!

Executives in business usually have to be measured by numbers: growth and development are essential factors in the competition for markets Future of a company in the long term.

The image of the “tough” manager cannot be killed

Consequently, managers need to think strategically, decisively and decisively, and enforce. So many of the qualities such as sense of responsibility, authenticity, and fellow-humanity hold for negligible luxury!

Managers are committed to the company – that is correct. The Capital of the company consists not only in goods, real estate and financial values, but also in the know-how, in the Commitment, in the loyalty and commitment of its employees.

Good employees pay attention to company culture!

And despite the labor market crisis, the eighth are stronger today than they were thirty years ago Job Search also on where they are in good hands with their own values feel, Where Personality and job go together, development opportunities exist and “corporate culture” is not just an empty phrase. But it stands and falls with the boss - and therefore the assumption that his loyalty to the company on the one hand and to his employees on the other hand is a contradiction in terms and mutually exclusive is not correct.

Establish a corporate philosophy in which your employees can see themselves as people - not just as a "capitalizable" economic factor. For the Success This is essential for your company - and in the long term it will even relieve you (see our blogs on corporate culture, entrepreneurship, etc.)

These 3: role models create independent employees!

Managers agree: initiative and independent action are high on their wish list for the qualities of their employees. The wishful thinking of employees as their own entrepreneurs in the service of Company is as old as it is self-contradictory:

For while entrepreneurship and self-initiative are consistent with the basic value of respect for the individual that most societies share, it is not easy to reconcile with the conditions of work. The majority of people sell their labor power in exchange for material remuneration and thus act in their own interest.

Self-teaching must be encouraged

The interests of the company are for the employee - from a material point of view - initially only to the extent of Significance, as they are Workplace to back up. In addition, at home and at school, we are initially mainly encouraged to adapt – all in all, not ideal conditions for developing into “employees as entrepreneurs.” It is still possible, however: if the boss sets a good example and sets an example.

Keep in mind that self-initiative and entrepreneurship are only a few people in the cradle: many are simply overwhelmed by this claim. It is not enough to call for self-employment, but you can promote it: by being an example!

These 4: Authenticity is not a discontinued model!

Only those who believe in themselves can believe in others, only those who can motivate themselves can motivate others, and only those who can fill concepts such as authenticity and credibility with life can acquire authority in the long term without becoming authoritarian act.

Whoever sows respect, will reap respect

It is true that executives are not “better people” than others - they are “simply people” and therefore neither infallible nor wrong about wrong judgments, fatal decisions and serious errors.

But those who show respect for employees, who demonstrate greatness by confessing errors, asking for apology, praising others or accepting consequences for a mistake, thereby gain respect for themselves.

Competent management cool figures

And it is this respect that distinguishes a competent leader from the coolly calculating number juggler and ultimately the difference between a loyal workforce and one in which everyone is just waiting to get the rider who appears to be firmly seated in the saddle.

It's not about being flawless as a moral authority removed from reality: What matters is how you do it weaknesses and avoid mistakes. who understands it, with Style, Charisma and confidence to lead without authoritarian behavior - and can rely on the support of his team even in times of crisis.

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