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Book eCourse - Here you go!

Here you can configure your online course with content according to your wishes and you will find an overview of currently 500 eCourses for download with worksheets or as individually supervised eMail-Course. How will you know if you continue reading.

Contact exclusively for questions about Ordering process and the eCourses: support [at] berufebilder [dot] de

Our eCourse packages at a glance

Each eCourse contains texts and worksheets as worksheets for downloading in PDF format. You can choose from three different packages.

Will you free member, then you will see a discount code here to purchase the eCourse 50 percent cheaper.

To book an eCourse, please choose from the following packages:

Package 1: Your eCourse to Download Worksheet and Learning Tasks

Here you can put together your eKurs on Demand according to your wishes and download them directly as PDF. That's how it's done:

  • In the search function, enter the topic of your choice or select a finished course on the left in the eCourse overview.
  • Each course is limited to a maximum of 30 lessons - if you want more please book package 2.
  • Book the eCourse package.
  • Now update the page with the article selection.
  • Let us know the title by eMail to support [at] with, we will send you the desired eCourse immediately.

Choose up to 12 lessons (Voucher only valid once per user - more on this):

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Choose up to 30 lessons (Voucher only valid once per user - more on this):

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Package 2: eCourse made to measure - compiled by us according to your wishes

We are also happy to put together for you your personal eKurs on demand from texts of your choice. We take over:

  • Compiling the contributions according to your specifications
  • Create a eBooks
  • Format in the format of your choice (eg PDF or ePub)
  • Shipping to you

59,99 Book now

Package 3: Your eCourse as a regular eMail-Course

Book your eCourse as eMailCourse - including individual assignment, supervision and certificate. The booking in included:

  • Compiling the contributions according to your specifications
  • We will send you a lesson per week eMail including individually tailored to you and your situation task.
  • We discuss your answers with you.
  • We answer your questions.
  • At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Best of HR –®-Academy.
  • Discount: For each additional participant mediated by you eMailCourse you will receive 30% discount.

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