Every human has blockages, so-called Wusel. If you want to find out what kind of Wusel it is that keeps interrupting you, then you should learn to actively perceive your Wusel.


What prevents you from achieving your goals?

When you have the impression that there are certain situations in your life in which you keep getting through a certain hustle and bustle Set are prevented, then it is time to find out what kind of hustle and bustle it is.

After you have chosen a suitable place and a suitable time for getting started with Wuselmanagement, you can now go on a journey of discovery and your Eyes close for a moment. If you could see the Wusel standing right in front of you, what would it look like?

Follow your intuition

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For a moment, leave aside all logic and any perfectionism, follow your intuition and treat yourself to the little fun. No matter what image appears in your mind's eye, it's okay, as it is - everything is possible. Let yourself be surprised.

Visual perception

The following questionnaire is designed to help you visually perceive the wisel in order to gain a first visual impression of it:

Auditive perception

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Take the time to look at the wusel and take all the details. When you finally get a concrete idea of ​​what the WUSL looks like, you go over to the auditory perception:

your feelings

Now you know what the wusel looks like and how it sounds. What feelings triggers this first conscious perception of the scary for you as well as in the Wusel?

The result

Congratulations, you have now discovered your first Wusel! You might be imagining a lot right now Ask, maybe you don't like a lot of things about the Wusel.

For the current time, however, it is sufficient for you to get a clear idea of ​​what the wusel looks like, how it sounds, and how it is for you to be conscious of the first time.

Love your Wusel - even if it is difficult

Whatever the Wusel you discovered looks, sounds and feels, one point is important: Appreciate this first discovery of the Wusel. Given all his past acts of sabotage, this might not strike you light, but he's a part of you, actually a positive has intention.

Now that you've changed the Wusel's appearance so that it differs from your Perspektive is consistent, you may have Lust to investigate when the Wusel usually appears and when not.

When the starting signal falls: Understand the trigger

The following technique will help you to understand when a particular wusel appears and when it does not. All you need is a small item that you can easily carry around for a week. This can be, for example, a coin or a bracelet.

For a week, take a conscious note of when this wreck appears and when it does not. Whenever you notice that the wusel is at work, change the position of the selected item you have with you.

Change the position

For example, if it's a coin, you can slip it from one pocket to the other. If you have chosen a bracelet as an item, you can switch it from one arm to the other. The exercise Of course, this also works with a small stone, a marble, a piece of paper and much more.

So if during the week you die voice of the hustle and bustle or have a thought that goes with this hustle and bustle, use the selected item as a reminder to consciously perceive and understand the starting point of the hustle and bustle.

The result

If you were able to perceive the starting point for the Wusel several times during the week, you will most likely become one Idea get information about when Wusel appears and when it doesn't, and what it needs to appear.

You don't need to understand the real reason for his activities at this point. It's just a matter of finding one or more triggers that will make a scurry appear and in SALE can bring.

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