In the course of history, technological developments have always had an impact on an important part of society: work. What will change here as a result of Artificial Intelligence? An overview of the most important trends.

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How Artifical Intelligence changes the world of work - 5 Trends

Whether the telegraph was replaced by the telephone or the typewriter was replaced by the computer: new technologies have changed jobs and activities significantly in the past. This will also be the case in the future. In particular, Artificial Intelligence (short form AI; or to German artificial Intelligence) is increasingly finding its way into our private and work life.

Self-driving cars, chatbots and Internet of Things are on the rise. But with what effects on working life and cooperation in Company is to be expected in this context? The following five AI trends illustrate what companies and Employees can expect in the new year.

1. Big Data

Data is the gold of the digital age and is invaluable to many businesses. With the rapid further development of artificial intelligence, which is primarily based on vast amounts of information, the topic of big data will become increasingly important in the future. In the coming years, mechanical Things to Learn already help to better comb through large amounts of data.

What impact does this have on companies and their employees? In some cases, machine learning will not only recommend content that businesses and employees need, but more importantly theirs needs anticipate and provide information they didn't even know they needed. Big data and artificial intelligence will make everyday work easier in the future by automatically providing customized information.

2. Internet of Things

More devices are currently connected to the internet than there are People on the planet there. This impressively shows how big the Internet of Things already is. It can also work wonders on the work front in the future. In the future, companies across all industries will increasingly use sensors to collect real-time data that will enable them to assess the needs of their employees and employees customers to find out.

This scenario ranges from delayed customer delivery to controlling the office environment based on the settings of people and their personal algorithms - and all of this without human intervention. The future belongs to the Internet of Things and that Concept as well on Workplace and this innovation is so intuitive that you hardly notice it.

3. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics will play a bigger role in that decision making play by companies. Today, more and more employees are involved in non-mundane tasks, making assembling specific teams a headache for managers. Network analysis of appropriate metadata can simplify this process by accurately matching the right people to the right things Projects and Team identified - regardless of department, position or title.

A McKinsey study found that predictive analytics shortens the sales process by 30 percent and the conversion rate by up to 10 percent increase can. through the selection of amplifiers and drivers via a Network Predictive analytics also has the advantage of relieving managers so that they can concentrate on the important things Strategy and innovation of new business values focus can.

4. Work graph

Team-based messaging applications have driven one or the other to white heat, as communication silos have emerged that are cross-company Communication made difficult In the future, it will therefore be a question of consolidating the area of ​​social collaboration. Because the apps that companies currently rely on inevitably lead to one of the largest Problemsthat companies and employees face: fragmentation.

A collaboration hub that separates all of these Solutions integrated, solves many overarching problems that ESNs, chat-based apps, and document-centric offerings just can't solve. Also, because separate solutions generate their own metadata, accessible only to specific individuals and teams, their value is limited. A collaboration hub, on the other hand, collects information across the entire company, making it visible, findable and memorable - today and in the future. The company's memory is thus strengthened: For example, there is no change in the workforce Deselect lost. One reason why the so-called Work graph on Significance win and become increasingly powerful and intuitive.

5. Interactivity: Voice-first and Virtual Reality

Voice-first and virtual reality (VR) will infiltrate companies more and more. Increases in the quality and speed of speech recognition technology have already made it easier and more straightforward to play music, order pizza or look at the weather forecast. Now these improvements will ensure that Email- mailbox too to organize, content too draw up and Meetings to optimize at work. When it comes to VR, devices and Technology improved so much in the coming year that major leaps in innovation can be expected.

The idea of ​​using VR for large-scale corporate process improvements is thus becoming more realistic. For example, it is conceivable that AI recommends the merger of 100 stores, three corporate offices and two production facilities in order to increase efficiency. Managers can not just rely on VR to view the new scenario, but also interact with the impact of the changes on customers, employees, and the supply chain to make informed decisions.

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