Performance dips are almost normal. However, if the demotivation lasts too long, then as a manager it is up to you to uncover the cause and Solution a DAK Bungalow.


Constructively overcome performance dips

performance drops in work life happen and they can affect anyone. However, you should recognize the causes of such lows and employees who are no longer fully involved in what is happening should be brought back to the table Team to fetch. This also includes overcoming temporary drops in performance through constructive approaches.

At least the conceivable one Alternatives - the separation from every employee who shows a drop in performance - is not recommended for various reasons. Personnel changes are always associated with unrest and friction losses. It means a lot of time and money to find suitable employees on the market.

The disadvantages of employee change

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In the long run, high staff turnover can also damage the image of a company Company sustained to damage. Especially when employers are no longer reliable partners for shaping their own Future are good or be noticed.

In the interests of humanitarian considerations, it is advantageous for the above-mentioned reasons alone to break down performance breaks or bad phases together, instead of separating one from the other. The best solution is to shape the existing workforce into an optimal team.

Employee motivation in 3 steps

Follow 3 steps. For the necessary steps successfully To be able to apply, you should have a certain relationship of trust with your employees. This makes it easier for both sides to address problematic constellations.

  1. Clarify causes and take initial measures
  2. Recognize “inner layoffs” and react to them
  3. lead constructive discussions of criticism with persistently bad achievements.

An important prerequisite is also that you are able to support your employees even in difficult moments Esteem to signal. If there is a permanent lack of appreciation on your part, your counterpart will feel this. And a weak employee who has already been shaped in this way to be more convincing again Performance motivating them may prove difficult.

5 tips for more motivated employees

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It is completely normal that not every employee in a company works with the same commitment at all times. Health restrictions, personal upheavals - both positive and negative - and professional disappointments can lead to fluctuations that are tolerable to a certain extent.

However, if poor performance lasts too long, then it is important to react. On the one hand, this requires your responsibility as a manager for the success of Tasks. On the other hand, this also requires fairness towards the other team members: the other employees can absorb individual failures temporarily, but this is not possible in the long term.

  1. Clarify the causes and take the first steps: It is not always the case that bad work results are due to a lack of effort. Perhaps a structural problem is the cause of the poor result? In this case, you run the risk of blaming your employee for a defect that is not actually within its sphere of influence. If you do not recognize this and do not fix it, the structural problem will persist - and a massive motivation problem will be added! So check the possible facts!
  2. Is the defective result due to equipment? If so, have the employee in question provided with the necessary equipment and powers. Depending on the workplace, these can be technical devices, sources of information, presentation materials and much more. It is best to clarify directly with the respective employee which aids could improve his work results.
  3. Is the defect conditional? When answering this question, instinct is needed, because this is about the very personal characteristics of the employee - mental, physical and emotional nature. Ask yourself which prerequisites are required for the respective task and whether the respective employee brings them with you. Someone can be a genius, but may not have the diplomatic skills to talk to difficult customers. When such difficulties are analyzed, solutions can be found. Be it by having the employee trained for the specific challenge. Be it in the form of a task redistribution in the team: Then, for example, the ingenious strategist develops a concept, and his more affable colleague takes on the task of winning the customer for the idea. If you treat the different talents with equal esteem, you have a good chance that such a division of responsibilities will be seen as meaningful and beneficial for all.
  4. Is the defect due to knowledge? Clarify - if possible in private and in an objective tone - whether the employee in question has all the competencies that are necessary to carry out his task. Signal that you are not concerned with identifying your weaknesses from a controlling stance. Instead, convey that you see it as your task to bring it up to the required level of knowledge by means of more detailed training or training if necessary. Make it clear to your employee: "This also has the potential for professional development for you yourself." It will be all the easier for him to reveal any knowledge gaps without further ado, so that his knowledge deficits can be remedied quickly.
  5. Is the problem motivation-driven? If it shows that an employee lacks motivation, then you are looking for an open conversation with him. As a rule, the motivation to do the job is not without reason. Is the employee dissatisfied? Does he not feel valued? Does the task obstruct him? Refrain from reproaches. Stay relaxed and friendly: the sooner you can count on trust and openness. Both are necessary so you can tackle the problem together at the root. If you have identified what makes the employee slow, then take that factor as a real burden on him. Look for ways to improve the situation, and change it. But do not make any promises, which you will not keep later: This would only result in another motivation loss.

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