Accounting is considered dry and boring, but if you are familiar with numbers and balance sheets, you can achieve a lot.

Job profile! Accountant: taxes finance money under control

Accounting and finances always under control

Those who have their bookkeeping under control also have theirs Company under control. This truism applies more than ever in times of the financial crisis. In other words: a good accountant who is familiar with this extremely complex matter is of crucial importance for the Success of a business. Because in accounting, all business processes of a company run in the form of recorded income and expenditure together. The job of an accountant is to keep the relevant books and post the receipts. Particularly qualified accountants also carry out controlling and controlling activities.

In accounting, all business processes of a company are recorded in the form of booked income and expenses. Bookkeepers keep books in which all income and expenses are recorded, book all receipts, for example, and also process all payroll accounting. They check the correctness of the value and correct posting. Particularly qualified accountants also take on controlling and controlling activities. She draw up Balance sheets and financial statements, ensure the company's liquidity and advise the management in tax and business matters. With their figures, these bookkeepers form the basis for the decisions of the management.

Even if accountants are traditionally employed in companies: For cost reasons, more and more companies are shifting their ongoing bookkeeping away from tax consultants and permanently integrated accountants to independent accountants. There are also various specialist areas, especially in larger companies, which divide their accounting into different areas. And digital software applications ensure that processes can be increasingly automated, which is why special beings are becoming increasingly important.

Tasks and specializations

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Depending on the area of ​​application, you will then find, among other things, the payroll clerk or the financial accountant. Payroll accountants mainly take care of the salary payments in a company. They are also responsible for ensuring that social security contributions are paid on time Taxes responsible and check compliance with applicable collective bargaining regulations and labor law. Financial accountants specialize in accounts payable and accounts receivable. They are also responsible for booking travel expenses, check the dunning process and take on activities in the operative annual and monthly financial statements.

Higher qualified by a special Vocational Training is, on the other hand, the accountant: he is responsible for complete management, control and Organization responsible for accounting in the company. His areas of responsibility include the preparation of the annual financial statements and the evaluation of borderline cases in accounting. The accountant evaluates the accounting figures and then develops reports for the company management and supports them with recommendations and advice. Accountants are thus assigned important staff functions in the company. Depending on the size and organizational structure of the company, management tasks are associated with this.

Opportunities and risks of self-employment

In view of the high level of training, the strong specialization and the fact that there is a shortage of specialists in the field of accounting, the chances as an accountant, but especially as an accountant, are extremely good. However, an important prerequisite for lasting success is the willingness to constantly update and expand knowledge. This applies in particular to the areas of group accounting, international accounting and controlling.

As a self-employed accountant, you work as a freelancer, so you do not need a business registration. However, be aware of the legal restrictions on this one Job, in particular through the Tax Advisory Act. Since you are responsible for the accounting of one or more companies, it is advisable to take out pecuniary damage liability insurance or professional liability insurance, which you cover in the event of errors that affect you customers Money costs, insured.

Prerequisites, education and training

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A prerequisite for accountants is a completed apprenticeship in a commercial profession. However, the term accountant is not a protected professional title, so you can theoretically work as a payroll or financial accountant at any time if you have the appropriate knowledge. However, there are also numerous training and further education courses for payroll or financial accountants, for example at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or at adult education centres. On average, these last between five months and one year for full-time training and are not uniform. The prerequisite for participation is usually commercial practical experience.

The situation is different if you want to work as an accountant: the training to become an accountant requires at least a three-year completed commercial apprenticeship or training as a tax clerk. In addition, you must provide evidence of three years of professional experience in business accounting. Only then can you apply to the IHK to become a certified accountant and use this professional title. The further training examination "Certified Accountant has its legal basis in § 46 BBiG (Berufsbildungsgesetz).

The accountant degree enjoys a special role due to its high degree of specialization and the quite high requirements. The detailed knowledge in the core subjects required for the exam is usually not inferior to that required of graduates of a business administration course with a focus on accounting. It is therefore not uncommon for graduate business economists and graduate business people to strive for the degree of accountant. It should be noted, however, that there are training providers who award the title of "Accountant" based on an internal examination. In contrast to the IHK-certified accountants, in these cases the level of training is not legally standardized and you are not allowed to use the designation "Certified Accountant".

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