In contrast to the doer, the participator simply does what he is told. As a result, he lives more calmly. He has no ambitions to get to the top, to rule, to impose his will. Nevertheless, his Significance for the functioning of social systems in no way inferior to the other roles.


It does not work without a co-maker

The doer would not get very far without participants. It is only through his work that projects become reality. The participant takes that Sinn, who thoroughly ins the leader System comes up, very directly, often understands it intuitively and better than the other roles.

Participants are interested in strategic ones Set and indicators little. You can't lure him with that either. What does the worker on the assembly line care about the department budget, how high are the unit labor costs or how expensive is the maintenance of the facilities are.

Recognized the meaning

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He looks into his immediate surroundings, how he copes with his colleagues, that he has time to finish work, that the overtime is paid for and that it is not until Friday evening that the special shift due on the weekend is revealed to him.

And yet he will drive this extra shift because he understands the meaning of the Company clear has understood, namely to secure its existence.

Headache related

The archetypal role of the collaborator is relational. She fixes hers Attention on the social connections inside the system and not on the system services. In this way, she creates a great cohesion in the social structure, develops warmth and well-being, so to speak.

This, in turn, is very important when the system is really being challenged. Only with a close relationship structure will it develop the strength to survive difficult situations. We know that from the Family, but also in companies and in team sports. In critical situations, cohesion becomes the most important thing.

Living the meaning

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The fellow-man creates him on the basis of the meaning conveyed by the Fiihrer. He lives him. We see this every year clearly during the cups in football.

The actually inferior teams from the lower leagues regularly bring the favorites into difficulties because they are close together, the common sense - we call it Team spirit – live in the game and surpass yourself.

Lots of hands-on, few movers

This special significance of the archetypal role of the participant for the social power of a system also results from the fact that it is usually carried out by considerably more People is occupied than all other roles.

This is also good, because what leads to it, if too few contestants and too many makers in a group, can be experienced in a simple game. It is often used at team development events and goes like this:

Teambuilding with fellow players

The members of the group are given the Eyes tied together. Then each member grabs a rope, which is tied together as a quasi-infinite cord. This should now be put down by the group in a certain time in the form of a square on the floor.

And then an interesting reconciliation process begins within the group. Usually, several people start talking and try to get through with their suggestions.

One must specify the tone

This means that everyone pulls in different directions and in the end - if this doesn't change - a rather unsightly result, at least not a square, is produced. The groups that are at an advantage are fast Agree on one person who is in charge - the doer - and whom everyone else follows as a contributor.

For people who are stuck with their doer roles, that's a great thing, by the way exercise. You can feel what it's like to just be quiet and follow what others tell you. Some people are then surprised that there is still a good result.

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