From Employer Branding and the candidate experience is talked about a lot, but shockingly often bypasses the candidate. 3 books show how to do it better and what for HR really pay attention.

More than just quotes

“Oh no” is what you think when you hold it in your hands for the first time: “A collection of quotes.” It's usually not very inspiring.

In addition, the introduction seems a little too long before it finally starts. And this is how the top ideas that top people are in should look like Companies attracts?

Really innovative ideas

But then you read ideas like these:

“When the weather is good, I want to work outside. Offer flexible workplaces that can be changed several times a day! Sometimes working standing, sometimes sitting, sometimes on the floor when it has to be particularly creative! ”

“Special offices for young mothers - with children's play areas - where young mothers can work hourly and the children can be close to their mother.”

Creative crowdsourcing

And think: Probably this book with the 365 Ideas quotes from very different people is more creative and innovative than if an author had pulled out his shoe and / or given a frame to it.

Some ideas are simply brilliant and extraordinarily innovative. Others simply banal, profile neurotic (“applicants should be picked up by the driver”) or even small-minded “For example: career pages of companies should have a .job domain. Who cares?

Employer Branding: More than lips

However, it quickly becomes one clear: The people behind them are as diverse as the ideas.

And if companies want to attract top people in the future, they will do well to look into the individuality of their employees. On lip service can waive namely. Or to say it with the cabaret artist Erwin Pelzig:

"An image is what you need, that the others think that you are what you would like to be."

12 heads, 12 opinions

For, as the author of the book, Axel Haitzer, writes so aptly: When choosing which of the ideas submitted via 1200 would ultimately make it into the book, there was none to which the two-person selection panel was unanimous.

And it's just as individual with companies, employees and the selection of applicants. Scheme F simply does not work there.

How does Open Innovation work?

For this reason, one should not reject any ideas, but at first glance they should be so impracticable, but rethink a second time: Perhaps, precisely in this innovation, is the strength that sets the company apart from other companies?

The extraordinary strength of this book lies in its creation - by Open Innovation, also called crowdsourcing. The ideas were collected in an idea lounge on, the best 365 was selected and collected in this book. 842 more are available for download - the password will be revealed in the book!

The secret KO -.- criteria of the personnel?

"There is no second chance for a first impression," it says. This also applies to job interviews that make many people tremble - even though there are countless advisors on the market.

A new book by two business journalists now promises to reveal the secret KO -.- criteria of the personnel. And you can win three copies of the book and discuss with the authors here!

All tabs drawn, but only cancellations?

In fact, many candidates are perfectly prepared for their job interview, know the most common questions and know how to present their strengths optimally. Nevertheless, hardly anybody can go into an interview without fear.

No wonder, after all, depends on the outcome of the further life planning. You can be as professionally prepared as you are - the direct encounter with the HR specialist and his approach are difficult to assess for applicants. And even if that Application For all the rules of the art and you have pulled all the stops in the conversation, this is no guarantee for a commitment. Why?

Secret Tricks or Cold Coffee?

In “The Job Interview Cracker Book. Stay cool - show competence - know knockout criteria. What HR managers would never reveal ”, Anne Jacoby and Florian Vollmers want to uncover the secret laws of a job interview, decipher the codes of the most important questions and show how HR managers really work.

It will be interesting to see whether the book really contains so much new things: Author Anne Jacoby, born in 1969, is a freelance business journalist, book author and ghostwriter. Co-author Florian Vollmers is also a freelance business journalist in Bremen. Both have been writing about applications, career entry, management, etc. for years.

What HR analysts say in an interview

However, you do not bring with you the personal experience you have gained as a personaler - you would probably like to see that as the background for an insider book. After all, Jacoby and Vollmers interviewed HR professionals and analyzed interview situations in a wide range of industries.

And from this a conclusion drawn: Whether candidates score in the talk often depends on secret KO criteria. With the right preparation, promises the book, this code can be decrypted and even tricky conversations.

Micro Learning: Application to go

Anyone who still sends an application by post today has almost lost. And the marital status actually still belongs in the Curriculum vitae? How does a cover letter work that sounds modern and lively, but still serious?

Sandra Gehde provides answers to the most important questions with her application guide in micro-learning method.

Here comes the application 2.0

Anyone who opens his job application letter with "I am applying for the position ..." and sends his documents in a folder, reveals that he is a traditionalist - and nobody needs them anymore. Companies and companies need employees at the height of time. On the one hand, these are, for example, people who work in the media and information sector and who show in an application that they can communicate in a sovereign and up-to-date manner and master common tools.

On the other hand, these are also people who, while top in their job, are distressed when writing applications because it is simply not one of their key skills. "Why should a mathematician shine literary and what does a motor vehicle mechatronics engineer need to be able to produce an epic cover letter?" Asks HR manager Sandra Gehde. Today everyone should be allowed to write their application in their own style. The author shows how this works in her guidebook.

With Micro Learning for an interesting application

Gehde explains how job opportunities are researched in the digital age and how an application is made appealing. What's special about her approach is that she uses the micro-learning method. The individual chapters are kept short and divided into small units. Visual elements relax the text and show examples. This method of dividing content into "micro" small units comes from the digital education field.

Since we can not concentrate on content for a long time and can only store a limited amount of knowledge, chapters are made short and practical. This is particularly helpful for a job application advisor, as each reader can already answer the most important questions while reading aloud and can set their own reading priorities. An entertaining and practice-oriented application guide that shows how to create individual, appealing and interesting applications in less than 15 minutes.

500 questions for the job interview

Job interviews have a crucial part in the recruitment of applicants. Accordingly, it is important to ask the right questions for candidates in the interview. Arthur Schneider helps with his book.

With his work “Gaining the best employees with the best interview questions”, Schneider has delivered a practical compendium for personnel managers: The over 500 questions in this book have been formulated in such a way that they can be used directly in interviews.

Convincingly I find the great selection, the clear structure, the wide range of questions and some really new and interesting approaches of questioning techniques and question types. A separate chapter, only with questions to managers, is in the depths and offers interesting information, especially on social competences and leadership qualifications.

Comments on any question will help

Also useful are the concrete interpretations in the form of comments on each question, which help to interpret possible answers correctly and recognize what they betray and also indirectly testify - about the personality, the qualification and the career on the one hand and the truth content, the qualities and the credibility of the candidate on the other.

These comments reveal psychological issues, reveal backgrounds Sense and purpose of questions or specify in which situations and with whom the application of a question is particularly recommended.

Successful interview techniques

In addition to this, you will be given practical experience in interview techniques, the behavior of candidates, tips on dealing with difficult candidates and more.

An overview of different types of questions is a further help, with the knowledge of these revealing techniques, even own questions can be asked with more security and formulated.

The CD-ROM with all questions and forms for individual selection allows the easy creation of a Frageliste for use in the interview and offers a useful value-added.

To create individual questions

This allows you to create, sharpen, customize, and tailor a company-specific form, which is tailored to your individual needs. Disturbing are some questions, which are contained in a very similar form in several places.

The book is suitable for executives as well as recruiters. The excellent reviews of the book on Amazon and the fact that it is already in the 7. Edition has appeared, speak a clear language.

The detail that is often forgotten

Good manners and courtesy are out? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten during career planning. A new book shows what you should look out for.

Many plan their careers and their subsequent careers in great detail. What professional experience do I have? Which additional knowledge would be good? Which hobbies should I prefer not to mention in my résumé… However, with all determination, one aspect is often overlooked: the importance of good manners for one's own advancement.

How we dress, how we behave, what first impression we leave has a great influence on what we are expected to do and for what positions we seem suitable. Therefore, who knows the applicable rules of conduct in the profession - and confidently implemented in the advantage.

The Business Knigge for jacket and handbag

Clever that Carolin Lüdemann wrote her book, "The Small BusinessKnigge” in pocket format. The little guide fits in the inside pocket of the jacket and of course in the handbag too.

Take the booklet with you on the way to a job interview, a business lunch and maybe even the first date. In the bus or the subway simply read the most important rules for a serious, friendly appearance and then by sovereignty points. That's the promise of the mini-guide.

Decency is a career factor

Lüdemann summarizes the typical greasy situations that pave the way in business everyday life. Job interviews, dress codes in the office and proper welcome are on the agenda, for example.

It is not boring and certainly not antiquated. Because the "Duz mentality" in German offices does not automatically override basic decency rules. Flirt at the young colleague, too late for a customer talk, in a World Cup jersey for a meeting: If you feed the list of your social deficits too quickly, you shouldn't complain about a career stop.

Safe through the talk

Particularly valuable is the booklet for applicants, who can even compensate for technical deficiencies if they are confident in their personal conversation. Who would have thought.

Conclusion: “The little business etiquette” is a valuable style guide for young professionals. If you want to climb the career ladder rung by rung, you have to master 1 × 1 good behavior.

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