An inspiration for the elegant quick-wittedness are the ambiguities in our language. Anyone who can visualize a statement clearly has an advantage.

Hikes and similar ambiguities

The Term ›Wanderbaustelle‹ in the traffic news leads to pictures with hiking boots and backpacks. From there further associations are possible. The term ›flying pineapple‹ also initially triggers images in most readers.

Ambiguities are also called ambiguities. They throw us out of our channels of thought, make Fun, usually distract from the seriousness of the situation in a humorous way and, after a smile, help us back to the factual level. The comedian Heinz Erhardt (1909 – 1979) said the following: "Don't stand like cognac, uh, rum, no rum."

What we hear, we decide ourselves

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Note: what we hear about an attack, about it decide we basically ourselves. We can attack ourselves feel or else any situation from an inner one Distance get something funny out of it.

Maybe our counterpart is just bad at giving compliments and therefore misses the right tone. Then a good answer can still be: “Thank you for that compliment. Then I'm a real expert." So follow an old rhetorical rule and only understand what you want to understand and what helps to defuse the situation: the recipient always determines what and how he or she will receive it message like to accept.

Fun at the ambiguity

Take a closer look at the ambiguities of our language - and have fun with it.

  1. “How did you like the schnitzel?” - "Randomly - under the salad."
  2. "If you find a mistake, you can keep it."
  3. "You are a wrong snake!" "Better a false snake than a real one."

Advertising, for example, lives on, and sometimes you can find examples in the headlines of the newspaper: Shooting club motto: “Learn to shoot, meet friends!”

Niedertracht is not a dirndl

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Even with compound nouns, we often change the reference. Just think of dog cake and strawberry. Or: Hellseher and Schwarzseher. Some words are ambiguous from the outset: note, banknote, sound, censorship, personal character.

You will soon have fun with the fact that Niedertracht is not a dirndl from Lower Bavaria, not even the underskirt to go with it. Neanderthals are not a currency, pizza bolts rarely strike, and split tablets do not sow discord. - And there are no old ones Women, but only those that are slightly longer jung are.

When the shot goes backwards

Make sure that your word punches are neither outdated nor too stupid, otherwise the shot will backfire:

  1. "Do you know where to go to the train station?" - "Yes."
  2. “When does the bus leave?” - "About after he got there."

Ambiguities are original and still funny. Each People on the other hand, constantly turning the word in your mouth is annoying.


Dissect word for word attacks or objections like a surgeon with which you get to do it. Listen carefully, and search for an ambiguous aspect that is modestly concealed behind the obvious. This usually happens because every property is useful in any environment.

Sometimes the appropriate environment has not yet been discovered and you could be the first to succeed. Each thing has at least two sides: a scientific and a rational one. The third would be the comic after Karl Valentin. But hopefully you have already noticed this from above.

Make unpleasant pleasant

Formulate unpleasant ones Ask so that they become pleasant! When someone offends, take the offending word and find something positive about it. Your conversation partner will be amazed when he realizes that he has just given you an unintentional compliment:

  1. "Now don't get whiny, Mrs. Schubert."
  2. "If you confirm my empathy and high level of social competence, then I appreciate your appreciation."

What can the meaning still mean?

Ms. Schubert could add: “At first glance, empathy may be superfluous. On the second you can see better that it strengthens your relationship with other people. ” - But this addition from Ms. Schubert would no longer be necessary.

So always ask yourself: What does that mean besides what is obviously meant? Look for other ways of interpreting the statements. Because pressure creates counter pressure, even in the event of attacks. Usual reflexes are: "Not true at all!" or "I will not put up with it!". Instead, just agree, because it will take the wind out of your attacker's sail.

Easy to take with humor!

Your attacker was expecting your objection or justification. However, justifications are the No. 1 humor killer! Think playfully and creatively and keep all options open. Or as the French writer Nathalie Sarraute (1900-1999) said: "Cluelessness is a good weapon."

You're right and I mean peace

You will be in vain with someone Streit looking for someone who doesn't want that, who doesn't pick up the ball, so to speak. It is even meaner when someone agrees and says: "You are right and I am calm." This means that every offer of controversy comes to nothing.

Take in this Sinn Distance from automatic Weil reasons! Look deliberately for the part of your counterpart's statement that you can agree with. If you are already starting to make a statement, then it should give the impression that you initially fully agree to the provision. So we take the statement seriously. And our counterpart also feels taken seriously.

To create common ground

With this Technology you can create similarities. For example, if someone says: "Driving a car is the greatest pollution ever!", you can elegantly get them on board. “That's true, and if you still enjoy your diesel, then don't let your own make you happy Opinions spoil!"

Also a multiple "Yes, that's right!" will irritate your counterpart. You are also using it to deny attack surfaces and let it run into the void. Or respond with an implicit consent by asking the other party to continue speaking. True to the English motto: “Wilhelm, tell me more!”

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