How do you do it? Company and IT-Departments to work and position themselves in such a way that they can best promote and use the innovation potential of their employees?

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Addicted to innovation

Everyone is addicted to Innovation. Hardly a day goes by when in the media, the Economy and politicians don't talk about innovation.

Because some ideas of today, the Apples, Googles and Fac have the potentialebooks of tomorrow. And especially tech creations that are created thanks to IT and code – Developer are the ones that the script of Future . write

Tip 1: Create space

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We all know it: When the desk overflows with Tasks and deadlines, is that Head not free for new ideas. Revision and time pressure are the biggest innovation killers - and yet many companies continue as before. This has to end and companies should give their employees the freedom to promote their own ideas and give them time to think.

But here applies: creativity cannot be planned! Instead of sticking to fixed times in the calendar and brainstorming in the group, employees should be given basic freedom - for example in the form of free hours in which they can work on their own projects and specific problems outside of the usual everyday office life. Rooms specially designed for this purpose are also helpful, where employees can informally devote themselves to different approaches and their ideas. In IT, hackathons are particularly conceivable, where employees and friends as well as other IT experts come together and work on new projects together outside of everyday business life and hopefully achieve a real flow state. The ideas just flow and are created by different groups together.

Tip 2: Examine corporate culture and promote knowledge sharing

If companies want to be innovative in the long term, they must also review their own corporate culture. Does the culture even make it possible to give your own employees freedom? Do employees take advantage of the opportunities offered or do they not dare because of the prevailing competition? Exchange individual employees and departments her Background out?

Executives have the task of creating an atmosphere of free exchange of knowledge and setting a good example. In concrete terms, this means: not one's own ego should be in the foreground, but the common Objective. Open communication channels are particularly helpful here, so that everyone can talk to everyone else. This reduces the temptation to say 'from my project/my code/my idea' instead of 'ours Performance' to speak. In addition, employees should also be supported in their further education - be it through special courses, conferences or mentoring programs.

A nice side-effect for companies in enabling their employees to participate in conferences and meetups: Employees are creating new networks for the company, potentially creating valuable partnerships or meeting new employees in the future.

Tip 3: Several teams are more successful

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Numerous studies from different disciplines prove it: teams whose members have different backgrounds, educational backgrounds and views are more fact-oriented, more creative and therefore simply more successful. For companies, diversity is not just for social reasons Perspektive useful, but also a badass Success factor.

A McKinsey study showed that companies with more gender diversity in their management teams were 21 percent more likely to have above-average profitability. Companies with employees from different cultural backgrounds have a 33 percent increased likelihood of above-average margins (before Taxes and interest). Furthermore, the study "Do Pro-Diversity Policies Improve Corporate Innovation?" shows that companies with diversity policies are more innovative and release more different products. "It's really that simple," summarizes study co-author Richard S. Warr succinctly.

Tip 4: offer job exchange

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the same tasks always lead to the same ones Solutions to lead. In other words, routine kills innovation. Some companies are therefore starting new ones ways and enable their employees to take up new positions within the company. The online retailer AboutYou, for example, has this switching concept firmly in its Strategy incorporated. Each developer can go to another Team change as soon as a position becomes vacant and also develop his leadership qualities and skills.

The new impulses and challenges avoid paralyzing habits and employees bring newly acquired knowledge to their projects. Anyone who has ever walked in someone else's shoes will also understand the challenges of their colleagues in the future and be able to support them better. Another side effect: Due to the internal change options, employees are not like that fast tempted to look to other employers for new challenges.

Tip 5: taking risks

Last but not least, a motivational training classic should not be missing: If you don't dare, you don't win! Innovations are characterized by the fact that they question the existing and break new ground. Anyone who thinks they can do it all risks avoid, has not understood the principle. Often off Anxiety and uncertainty born thought patterns à la "We've always done it this way" mean one thing above all: standstill. Managers have the task of establishing a culture of failure. Instead of always celebrating successes, maybe a “F&*k! Up Session" required.

Companies can already encourage risk-taking with their structures - for example, by setting up independent teams for pilot projects, specializing in projects, launching an innovation lab or buying up innovative smaller companies.

As with many things in life, you cannot force new ideas and innovations at the push of a button. It takes some groundwork to prepare the ground for new ideas to take root. And there all companies out People exist, you have to invest in your own employees: you have to encourage them, support them and work together on new ideas.

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