Olympic gold medalist Francesco Friedrich shows what is important - in sport, in the Business, in life: To be mentally fit in order to be able to adapt to different conditions with agility and to win the race at the decisive moment.

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What Olympia says about winner types

February 19, 2018. Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. After four runs in the two-man bobsleigh, two teams enter at the same time Objective. It couldn't be more exciting! Series world champion Francesco Friedrich wins the gold medal for the first time with brakeman Thorsten Margis and crowns his extraordinary Career with the Olympic victory.

A look back: Francesco Friedrich, the 2013 as the youngest bobsleigh champion of all time in history, makes his reputation as a winner all honor.

A bobsleigh ride that's funny ...

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... a bobsleigh ride, that's nice! Quite for sure, if from Success or even being crowned with a gold medal for the first time.

Also in Companys In a figurative sense, projects often go down the ice track with momentum, speed is picked up in the planning phase and in the Implementation controls in Team So to speak, curve by curve towards the goal. In sport as in business, if you want to emerge as a winner in the race for medals, orders or the project goal, nothing is left to chance.

Agile guiding

In VUCA-ZIn times of globalization and digitization, many companies are fixated on short-term results - measurable in hard facts and key figures. For long-term success, however, values, culture and the Employees in the focus of managers.

agile Leading means repeatedly including and exploring different conditions, re-evaluating and acting in new ways. Just as it is natural for Francesco Friedrich. Each track has different conditions. The change from two-man to four-man bobsleigh needs to be mastered. Flexibility is the top priority in the team.

Presence and training

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Many management situations - whether in the Bob at Francesco Friedrich or in companies - are characterized by opposing expectations. Positioning yourself in these areas of tension is what makes it sovereignty in the leadership role. Guide means navigating as well as overcoming hurdles and making decisions.

This can only succeed with permanent presence and continuous training. No different from competitive sports. The bob pilot said: “If decisions are made in the interests of the team, they are also secured. In the race we literally have to be able to rely on each other blindly. ”

Passion and discipline

Francesco Friedrich had to learn that his early victory as the youngest bobsleigh world champion was no guarantee of continued success. But he accepted the Sochi low as a challenge and with a lot of stamina and Discipline proved that he “can do the Olympics”.

"Taxes and pushing is just as important as keeping the team on course and withstanding the pressure to perform,” says Friedrich. With strong hands and sensitivity, he has professionally created the basis for long-term progress.

5 tips for agile leadership

This story shows that companies can learn a lot about agile leadership from the Olympic champion. 5 tips.

  1. Mental preparation: Rituals help the athletes to start as a true team and to mentally prepare themselves for victory.
  2. Start-up phase: The start must be right. Even though it takes a lot of effort in the beginning, in the startup phase it helps to set a bar to create the harmony.
  3. Acceleration: When the bob takes off, everyone must be able to get as small as possible. Except for the pilot who steers, all heads duck down. There is blind trust that the pilot knows what he is doing. Everyone does their job.
  4. Subsections: On the bobsled track, split times indicate the course of the race. The pilot knows if they are doing well. Only when a team knows if it is in time and moves forward according to its plan can it change the strategy if necessary.
  5. Home stretch: Often the home straight decides on success or defeat. Only those who manage to keep their concentration up to the end and still give everything on the last stage will be rewarded.

Conclusion: what executives can learn from Olympic champions

In sports, often a lot happens in one season. Even in companies, employees have to adapt to new bosses more often and faster through changing project teams (and vice versa).

The framework conditions are not always ideal, the only decisive factor is how we classify them, how we deal with them, and whether, like Francesco Friedrich, we ultimately grow. Get the gold medal!

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