Accounting is an unpopular task for many self-employed people, which they are therefore happy to delegate to a specialist. But especially for Founder or smaller Company However, such an outsourcing of bookkeeping is often not possible for financial reasons. 5 tips to help accounting and also Taxes to do it yourself.

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Do bookkeeping yourself - does it make sense?

I'm going to tell my readers a secret today: I do my own bookkeeping, including VAT returns and tax returns. This is often surprising, because the German tax system is one of the most difficult World applies and most People entrust this unpleasant task to a tax consultant.

For me, on the other hand, the following applies: people grow with theirs Tasks. I also started small as an entrepreneur and worked my way up step by step. In the beginning, I certainly did it to Money to save, but now also because I prefer to keep track of mine myself Finance wants to keep.

Automation helps with bookkeeping

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Because I also have some horror stories in my circle of friends in which people were cheated by your tax advisor. In addition, the Communication with an accountant or tax advisor can also be very time-consuming. I'd rather do it myself.

Nevertheless, of course I also have help with this complex topic. And with the help of algorithms that relieve me of a lot of calculation work. I still have to enter my data and receipts myself – more on that below. But an acquaintance of mine recently realized that she needed a lot more time to send her data and papers properly to her tax advisor - and now with the right one Technology saves you a lot of effort.

5 Self-Accounting Tips and Tools

What I've found over time: It's not that difficult to take care of yourself Guide to take care of the books. With the right tips and Tricks bookkeeping succeeds even for those who have little experience in this area. 5 food for thought and tool tips:

1. Correct bookkeeping is essential

For every self-employed person there is engagement, to keep accounts and to document all business transactions in such a way that a third party can System understands. Because the tax office uses the documents from the accounting department to determine the taxes to be paid. It is therefore essential to work cleanly in this activity in order to avoid mistakes.

These can have serious consequences for the self-employed and lead to high penalties, for example. But that is not the only reason why it is important to carry out this task conscientiously. Bookkeeping also offers advantages for the entrepreneur himself. If you do this thoroughly, you always have an overview of your financial situation and can intervene directly if necessary. From this can ultimately also the Success of a company.

2. Book yourself is worth it

Taking care of the bookkeeping yourself is not only worthwhile from a financial point of view. If you book yourself, you are therefore also suitable for important things Deselect related to taxes and finance. Because as an entrepreneur you should not blindly trust an expert, but also have the necessary know-how about fundamental aspects in this area.

Moreover, the independent completion of the bookkeeping also has the advantage that you have access to all the necessary data at all times and does not have to wait for the transfer of these by the accountant. This ensures that you can act on potential problems directly.

3. Each receipt must be kept

It is only possible to make a booking if there is also a corresponding receipt for this. Therefore, it is essential to keep every single document. Only with these can be understood, whether the booking is correct.

A basic distinction is made between incoming and outgoing documents. The latter are invoices that the company sends to its customers customers sent. Receipts are invoices that the company has to pay itself. A distinction is made between the following types of receipts:

It is also important to keep running Costs such as insurance, rent or telecommunications fees.

4. Sort receipts according to a sophisticated system

It is also important not to keep the receipts randomly in a box, but to organize them according to a system sortieren. This is the only way they can fast can be found again and unnecessary chaos is avoided. It makes sense, for example, to sort in a folder in which the receipts are filed according to outgoing and incoming invoices and proceed chronologically.

Digitized receipts can be found even faster: All you need is a tool that automatically records receipts. I use here for example Lexoffice, with which I can practically scan in the receipts with a Handyapp. In this way, they can be stored within a few seconds and thanks to the search function just as quickly found again.

5. Choose the right accounting software

To make your work easier, it is advisable to use special accounting software. With this, even those who have little experience in this area can also do this job without Problems complete. Such a program ultimately ensures greater efficiency and saves time.

Within the selection the appropriate one Solution however, there are a few aspects to consider. It is like that for example usefulthat the necessary interfaces such as those to ELSTER are available. Therefore, one should research before purchasing the program inform extensively about accounting software. Only then can a well thought-out decision to be hit.

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