Soon Future will the Workplace even more flexible and mobile. Work tools are becoming smaller, more versatile and more personal. Thereof IT-Convinced decision makers. There will soon be no way around consumerization for companies.

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Working tools of the future

Some time ago I wrote here about my personal dream work equipment of the future: Small and light they should be, just ideal for the handbag, but at the same time as powerful as a normal, large desktop PC.

A few years ago I was still being used by the manufacturers for the Idea a kind of Mary Poppins bag, which brings the right device to light on request, nor laughed at. Various studies today show that a device that flexibly adapts to our wishes is more than just a wishful thinking. The future of work is much more flexible than many, especially manufacturers, can apparently imagine. And at the forefront: foldable screens.

Six terminals and two thirds desk

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According to the “Workplace of the Future” report by the ITCompany Citrix Systems, so come in 2020 to one Employees six terminals and two-thirds a desk. For its research, Citrix surveyed 1.900 senior IT decision-makers in 19 countries. The places clear: By 2020, companies worldwide will reduce their office space by around 14 percent.

At the workplace of the future, there will only be 6,7 desks for ten employees on a worldwide average. On the other hand, the number of different devices that employees use to access the corporate network every day will increase. 4,35 already has a variety of different devices from PCs to smartphones on a worldwide average - a kind of Mary Poppins bag, so to speak.

BYOD - future-proof or hype

The boundaries between the devices are also mixed up Job and privacy Increasingly: The majority of the companies surveyed want to introduce Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to manage the large number of devices used by employees.

Worldwide, 31 percent of the companies surveyed already have such models, and another 37 percent to plan this within the next two years. By 2014, more than a third of the companies will be responsible for the entire device costs, and a further 41 percent will contribute part of the acquisition costs.

Employees use private devices during working hours

It's a good thing for employees: 69 percent of employees in companies with at least 250 PC workstations use a private device while they work. That's what IT analyst Techconsult found out in a study (PDF) commissioned by Microsoft.

The most frequently used device is the smartphone (67 percent), followed by one's own laptop (53 percent), a simple cell phone (31 percent) and a tablet (17 percent). There are slight differences between commercial enterprises and the public sector (with the latter less popular with gadgets), but only marginal differences between men and women Women.

Private services with service devices

Around one in four employees - men here significantly more than women - uses private services at work, for example eMails with friends or surfing the net. However, an astonishingly high proportion of respondents also said they were doing work tasks with their personal hardware, such as office work, image editing, electronic calendars, or business eMails.

This suggests that corporate IT does not stand up to current developments and employees often have to use outdated hardware and software. The majority hopes for a productivity boost if they are allowed to use their own systems.

Opportunities and risks of consumerization

A multi-year study conducted by TNS Global Research on behalf of Dell and Intel dealt with precisely this topic, the trend known in technical jargon as consumerization. The shows that freedom of choice in the Technology Employee productivity increases because employees are more aware, freer and more flexible on their needs adapted for a terminal decide.

At the same time, however, the use of end-user devices increases the security risks in many companies: Among the surveyed executives there is a consensus that the use of personal devices in the workplace is associated with additional security risks and the risk of data misuse. The challenge is to accurately identify increased productivity as well as accurately assess security risks and balance each other.

Tablets without a future?

But what exactly does the work tool of the future look like? The British market research company Vanson Bourne has dealt with this question and interviewed 500 British CIOs. 47 percent dream of going paperless Office , although today companies tend to print more rather than less.

CIOs say landline phones will soon disappear from offices. They also no longer ascribe a very long service life to the classic desktop PC. But iPads and tablets don't seem to be a thing for many either Alternatives to be: 24 percent of those surveyed believe that iPad and Co in the coming years Significance verlieren .

Conclusion: Mary Poppins sends greetings

But what does it look like, the ideal working tool of the future? Maybe in a few years, we will only work on holographic, virtual surfaces according to your needs. The Mary Poppins bag sends greetings.

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