How is top management doing despite or maybe because of children? 2 Women report on your leadership role – and on the compatibility of entrepreneurship, management and Family.

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Fears and crises are part of it

Start-ups of women and mothers often adhere to something idealistic: they realize themselves, while their husbands secure the family income with a steady job. Not so with Elisabeth Tocca.

Tocca seems surprisingly calm and balanced for a double Motherwho just started her own business. By her own account, this impression is deceptive: Tocca says she had to get through her fears and crises.

But then you have Training Said to her “You just have to trust that it will be okay” and she took that to heart.


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Tocca was inspired by her younger brother Daniel, who became self-employed a few years ago with his eco-model label Rebello. Tocca noted that so far there was a lack of eco-kids fashion on the Italian market. The idea for CORA happywear was born.

Cora stands for Coraggio, the Courage, own ideas to realize - an idealism, because I at the Business start of women as typical, because that is usually at the top of the motivation list.

Starting a business for the fun of having fun?

It's just as typical of mine though Opinions that self-employed women are a kind of backupSolution have in the background – roughly the form of a husband who has a secure, regular Income while she earns a few extra euros on her own - with free time management and more Fun at the joy.

As a result, they often choose their business model less for marketability and more out of personal preference.

Calculated risk

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It's different with Tocca: Her husband is also self-employed and supported her with all his might when she got her secure job in the Marketing a big one Company ventured into self-employment.

In CORA happywear she has invested her entire savings, which were actually intended for the purchase of a house, and she is fully entrepreneurial Risks received. This courage is also noticeable in her charisma. And she didn't take this step blindly, but deliberately positioned herself in a market niche.

Only so can it my opinion go. What is your opinion about this?

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Company boss with 6 children

And then there's this exciting example: the top manager Krystel Blondeau, whom I interviewed in Paris. It manages 2600 hotels.

How do you manage to cope with such a workload: How does she get it done? Briefly summarized with clear priorities and a good one Teamas the Frenchwoman herself says.

10 compatibility tips overview

So that it remains clear, I summarized your 10 tips in an overview:

  1. It depends on the right team: 80 percent of Logis' workforce are women, but that was a coincidence: “We are just a good team,” says Kyrstel Blondeau.
  2. It is important to have help at home: In Krystel Blondeaus fall more often the grandparents jumped, and also her husband, also professionally, helps at home with and gladly the cooking. In addition, she had a children's maid and a household help.
  3. The children have priority: Especially for important events such as the first school day or school performances, it is important for the manager to be there for her children.
  4. No perfectionism: For Krystel Blondeau the needs of children are always in the foreground and are more important than a tip-top cultivated household.
  5. Always in contact with the children: In France, children take a more natural part in everyday life, for example, they go to the restaurant in the evening and the women's quota on supervisory boards is already decided there.
  6. Children participate in everyday life: It is therefore no wonder that the children also participate in Blondeau's everyday life: "I am always in contact with the children, for example, via SMS, telephone or other modern means of communication," she says.
  7. Children should go to kindergarten early: From a home care, Krystel Blondeau does not think much: children should go to kindergarten and see other children.
  8. Creating freedom through performance: Through hard work, Krystel Blondeau has created the freedom to say “no”. “You have to keep your visions. When you have achieved something, you are free to do what you want. "
  9. Just start: "Many women question themselves too much," says Krystel Blondeau. Your tip: just do it! "I never had special ambitions, I just liked doing what I wanted and was successful with it," she says: "Only when you don't enjoy a thing do you start to question yourself."
  10. Physical balance: To balance, Krystel Blondeau with the Fitnesstudio and Yoga fit.

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