Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, you literally have a board in front of you Head – and of all times when it really matters. How to get blackouts, dropouts and mental blocks fast going again?

Away with blackout & mental blocks: Board in front of your head!

Help, a blackout!

There it was again, the situation I hate so much: an oral exam! Just do not go wrong, went through my head. Keep calm and concentrate. I can do it! If not everything, then the essentials. I can do it!

Already in the morning at breakfast I had this dull feeling in the belly. Shortly before the test came heat and sweating. In the test, nothing went wrong. I just could not remember. BLACKOUT! Everything was gone. No longer accessible. I wanted to disappear in the ground or just go out to the door. Away from here…

 Can not control logic?

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What happened? Where does such a blackout come from? Why do I always have it and others never? Whats going on here? Nothing and everything! To start with: a blackout is a “normal” neurological reaction of the body in certain situations that are interpreted as (life-) threatening.

A program is running in us that cannot be controlled with logic: Im Brain the almond core, also called the amygdala, a small part of our limbic system is active, which stoically insists on its use.

Alarm in the almond core

In it, all negative events and experiences of past times are stored and every new situation is evaluated for possible dangers. If a momentary situation has a similarity to a dangerous previous situation, the almond kernel becomes active to warn us, or if this is too late, to ensure our survival.

Lightning-fast, a situation is assessed unconsciously and, in the event of danger, a reaction process set in motion that we consciously can no longer control. We know this from the animal kingdom - when an animal is attacked by another, it has different ways to react:

Senseless stress hormones

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In the animal world this does Sinn, but as a human being in exams? This doesn't make sense at first glance, but it explains itself once you understand the mechanism behind it:

It's not about the situation as such, it's about the release of stress hormones and the intensity of negative ones emotionsthat occur in a specific situation.

If a large amount of stress hormones are released in a certain situation, this is considered a life-threatening aspect of our almond core, and considered as a reference for the following situations in which the reaction is always automatic Survival.

The good news: You can do something about it

That explains why some people have no reaction to negative experiences – these lead to no one for him Stress; others always have a queasy feeling, stomachache, headache and the like, which sometimes leads to running away.

Still others a blackout, because the stress level in a previous situation was so high that the internal self-protection automatism starts immediately, even if the situation from the outside is relatively harmless.

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