Communication is important to successfully to be and his Set to reach. At least that's what many advisors want to explain to us. But it's not the spoken word that counts - it's the Effect.

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Why does our communication fail in everyday life?

There are countless communication guides. We should actually know how to express ourselves correctly. Then why stay in Everyday life so often the desired effect of what is said despite emphasis?

The answer is simple: because we do not take a strategic approach and often use the wrong tactics. Because it's not about talking. It's about successful work!

"Something like that must not happen!"

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Well so what! The Employees screwed up, his supervisor calls him in and reads him the riot act: “A mistake like that just can’t happen! What us that Money costs!”

What does the employee do? A stupid face with a bad conscience - and in a month the same mistake again. Why?

Work, do not just talk!

The manager understands you Welt no longer: "What's that on his mind? I told him!" And how! Emphatically. But unfortunately not with effect. If you make an impression, you are far from reaching the goal of your communication.

And that's exactly where the mistake of many superiors, parents, teachers, politicians, managers and unnerved relationship partners lies: not who impresses, talks effectively, but who communicates strategically.

How does it actually work?

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Strategic communication is carried out by those who have envisaged goals with selected ones Strategies achieved using specific techniques and tactics. Why can't the manager in our example do this? Because she communicates off the cuff.

Even if People on negotiations, appraisal interviews, marriage proposals or Meetings prepare, they often do not prepare properly: content, formulations, arguments, counter-arguments - all well and good, but insufficient.

What grandmother already knew ...

This means that you will only reach your goals slowly, with difficulty, too rarely and against high ones resistors – as we see in our example:

No employee changes his Behavior like or fast, just because the boss is beating him down. Anyone could communicate strategically if they followed grandmother's advice: Think before you speak!

First think, then talk - 3 tips

The grandmother had been talking well you say: What are you thinking about? On 3 Things:

1. Objective: What do I really want to achieve?

2. Strategy: How do I achieve this goal?

3. Technology and tactics: What means do I use for this?

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