The price is often at Seller hotter than the customers. The topic of price negotiation is rather annoying for most sellers. But does everything really depend on the price when it comes to sales?

the price is hot

Customers act of contradictory

Customers are unpredictable. They get upset when, after refueling a few miles away, the fuel is two cents cheaper.

On the other hand, they give generously Money because they really want something that doesn't meet their needs at all. But reason number 1 why both Private– as well as business customers like to trade, is the Fun in negotiation – the will to Success.

Interchangeable offers

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Many buyers are trained, the seller clear to make his offer interchangeable and the only relevant thing is the price.

They have the task of pushing the price. They are paid for this. Also, the products to be procured with the previously defined minimum quality must fit into a budget specification.

Who asks wins

It is quite normal that buyers ask for a discount to get better prices. They also know exactly who is asking. The estate does not come by itself.

On the other hand, the seller should know that corporate buyers are often unaware of what they are shopping for. But everyone can talk about a prize.

The body as a traitor

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If the seller does not stand by his price, then his counterpart will feel it (also on the phone, by the way). As with children who have “done up” something, they usually already reveal theirs body language, the voice and their eye contact.

They automatically arouse suspicion. This is why it is so fundamentally important for sellers to price themselves first sell. Only then can this also be confidently enforced with the customer.

Appreciative response

Sellers should look hard at it to practicehow they respond appreciatively to estate claims. Giving in at the first request signals that more is possible. It is better to consider beforehand whether you can offer the buyer a "bonbon" if a direct price reduction is not possible immediately.

Generally, requests for a discount should be made at least twice eye level be warded off. In this way, many orders can also be placed without discount concessions. If some are necessary, he has Customer at least one sense of achievement.


Buyers like to work with the so-called salami tactics: they keep opening new barrels in order to “take off” the seller more and more. Sellers shouldn't fall for that. By making them binding from the start, they can counteract this tactic. The question is often enough: "Is there anything else besides the price that keeps you from buying?" If there is no clear answer, there is usually something else. But then a "What is it?" follow to clarify the situation.

Clarity helps

If the first question comes up with a clear NO, a reformulation often brings clarity: “That means that we only do the job today if we agree on the price. Is that so?". It would be wrong to react immediately with a discount offer.

It is better to ask the customer what the price is. If the asking price is too high, the seller can always decline in a friendly and unequivocal manner: "I'm sorry, I really can't do that. But let's see how else we go Shop can come. What do you expect from working with our product?”

recommended action

Practice getting your prices enforced better. Ultimately, that is about your prices Costs in your Company covered. The better you can enforce your prices, the more profitable the order for your business.

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