After elections there is always a lot of discussion about Debt, failure and miscellaneous Problems in forming a government. Accurate thinking and resilience are in demand from our politicians.


Optimism is not the solution to all problems

“Causal analyses” are likely to Choice failed probably not particularly help and that is for the external observer on the Hand. Because both Optimism and pessimism are of no help. Why?

The causal analysis is an important one Technologythat in the Economy, science and the social sciences is used to study the relationship between variables and to understand the reason for a particular event or phenomenon. By analyzing the cause-and-effect relationship between variables, it helps individuals and organizations make informed decisions, solve problems, and improve their overall performance. The process of causal analysis involves identifying the problem, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on the evidence. It is a powerful tool to measure the effectiveness of Measures to evaluate, measure the impact of a product or service and identify opportunities for improvement.

Why optimism and pessimism don't help

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However: Both with exaggerated optimism and pessimism, they would probably not analyze the reasons for their failure properly, i.e. would not think accurately. Neither the optimist nor the pessimist would be in Future more successful. Optimism does not seem to be able to solve all problems, even if this is repeatedly claimed by consultants. We People are wired by nature to be both optimistic and pessimistic. It's a natural tendency either way positive side of things or prepare for the worst case scenario.

However, when it comes to our spiritual Health and our overall well-being, these two thought patterns may not be as helpful as many believe. In fact, research has shown that being overly optimistic or pessimistic can have detrimental effects on our mental and physical health. While optimism is often seen as a positive trait, it can lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment when those expectations are not met. On the other hand, excessive pessimism can lead to feelings of hopelessness and negativity, which can affect our ability to take action and make positive changes in our lives.

Accurate Thinking: Analyze the reasons aptly

When working on your own resilience and dealing with setbacks, it is therefore never about learning positive thinking (the half-full glass of water), but about learning “accurate” thinking, i.e. analyzing the reasons for setbacks and then finding the right ones to draw conclusions. In the event of an election result, this could accordingly be that

  1. the politicians have recognized the warning signals of the past elections at country level too late,
  2. that they have too little shown their success so far,
  3. or that they have less-convincing leadership skills.

The Art of Accurate Thinking: Staying Realistic

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These three reasons for rebound would correspond to an "I"-"Not Always"-"Not Everything"-Style as the reason for the setback would be sought in oneself, but at the same time it would be attributed to specific factors that could be changed in the future. This is also the style often found in highly resilient people, allowing them to have a realistic image of themselves both personally and professionally Success to develop.

Namely, our thinking can be clouded by prejudices, assumptions and limiting beliefs, leading to inaccurate conclusions and flawed decisions. Accurate thinking is an essential skill for professionals to develop as it enables us to analyze situations objectively, evaluate evidence and make informed judgments. Accurate thinking requires recognizing and overcoming the cognitive biases that can distort our thought processes and learning to approach problems with an open mind. It requires one engagement intellectual integrity, willingness to seek different perspectives and ability to separate fact from opinion. Accurate thinking plays a crucial role in various areas of our professional lives, including problem solving, decision making and Communication.

Emerge stronger from setbacks or impotence and stomach problems

The future will show how resilient our politicians are and whether they emerge stronger from this setback. In any case, both will depend crucially on their ability to think accurately as a group and thus draw the right conclusions. This applies to all parties, the CDU, CSU, as well as the Greens and the SPD. However, if you are currently reading the various forums in which many supporters of this or that party are “processing” their frustration, you have to ask yourself whether they will actually rise from the ashes like the famous phoenix.

Statements such as “the voters are simply too stupid to want this or that party in the Bundestag” or “people simply don’t want freedom and want to be regulated” are the last “why style” that is very common: the “non- I”-“Always”-“Everything” style. In addition to real frustration, i.e. a feeling of powerlessness, this leads to permanent anger and, in the worst case, acute stomach problems. And what is your “why style”?

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