Online-Applications are becoming more and more important and the Significance an applicant's online reputation. Two things count above all: Good photos – and the right ones Network! 2 X 10 tips about it.

Internet & Application: 2 X 10 Tips for Online Reputation

Good photos, bad photos

Ultimately, the presence on Xing and Co. is nothing more than a latent permanent application. But Xing members who are happy in their current job should also pay attention to their photo presence. Because who is in Internet with a bad photo damages their image and lowers their chances of getting a job offer.

One should therefore opt for a conscious appearance on the Internet decide. Just think of the following case: If a management consultant with a cap and halterneck shirt smiles at the managing director from the Xing-Mail, he accepts their offer for sure take less seriously!

10 Tips for the right photo

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But what are good photos and bad photos? 10 tips at a glance:

  1. Good photos show teeth: These are also still visible in miniature format.
  2. There are differences between business networks and fun networks - always pay attention!
  3. Wallpapers belong to the living room, not to Xing: backgrounds are neutral, without patterns and best bright.
  4. Dark to light: best to put something dark on the bright background, with as little as possible.
  5. Industry-appropriate: Advertisers look different than bankers and should show that too.
  6. Whole-body prohibition zone: Only the portraits of the face with the thumbnails of the Internet.
  7. Private is part of the photo album: Xing is a network for business contacts. If you want something different, go to
  8. Better color than black and white: Black and white photos are considered chic and artistic, but also give the impression one wants to disguise something. Color looks more honest.
  9. Noticeable: Nose or foot portraits are for fun platforms, but have nothing to do in the business Internet.
  10. Pay attention to the overall context: It is important that the photo in the overall context is consistent.

Networks are becoming more important

What matters more and more in online reputation: The right network, who you know and who you do not.

Networks and personal recommendations are playing an increasingly important role because Corporate Costs wanted to keep it low when selecting personnel and only published advertisements in exceptional cases or Headhunter turned on.

10 Tips for Building the Right Network:

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The effort is worth it: Especially in the Crisis Department heads, entrepreneurs and other personnel managers first look for suitable employees in their own environment.

  1. Contacts are everything! Build, maintain and use relationships. Whether a former colleague, student colleague or friend from childhood days, everyone can give you tips on where and with whom you can apply or recommend you in your own company and network.
  2. Everyone needs to know what you can do! Present your advantages and knowledge in an understandable way in your personal environment. Explain to non-specialists in simple terms what your “business” is, what your expertise is, and in which department and situation someone with your know-how, your experience or yours Talent needs.
  3. Many companies reward recommendations! Ask friends and acquaintances in your own company to make advertising for you.
  4. Actively use Xing and / or Linked-In as you expand your network, increase your findability under relevant search terms, and target people who can build bridges in your desired industry.
  5. Do it differently than your colleagues: For example, do not apply to companies where everyone else is applying. Stay away from particularly popular companies, industries and overly “beautiful” topics (such as culture, travel, fashion etc.) - or build up a network and expect a longer start-up time.
  6. Once is never: some applicants were shortlisted for the same company only after their fifth application.
  7. Systematically build contacts within an industry. Contact experts, attend events, get involved with projects and volunteer work.
  8. Focus your network and contact set-up activities on the right people: The department is always a more interesting point of contact for you than the personnel department, because there is a demand first.
  9. Unsolicited, but without application! Initial contact with a company is best done personally and second best by phone. Do not say that you would like to apply: rather offer something (internship, project, idea) or ask for expertise and assessment (eg of your training projects).
  10. Persistence wins: Stay tuned and contact me repeatedly. Find the balance between sympathetic research and intrusive nerves.

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