Most of the Communication is not fascinating. She loses the battle against distraction, competition, and interchangeability. A star violinist, for example, had to experience that too.


Like a pyramid

But as you become more intriguing, rise above the din. Think of it as a pyramid. At the foot of the pyramid you do not stand out. They are not fascinating or valuable because you are like everyone else.

If your communication looks and sounds like everyone else's, you are at the base of the pyramid. You are forced to contend with the three threats (and in serious danger of becoming verlieren). You are stuck in the Welt of the "lowest common denominator".

Signs that you are at the foot of the pyramid - and not fascinating:

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  1. Your messages do not penetrate: eMails are not read, calls are not reciprocated.
  2. Other travel: You have trouble getting others to act through your words.
  3. They are interchangeable: Your prospects do not understand why they should buy from you instead of the competition, which means they are interchangeable.
  4. Price war: They are not able to raise prices or fees and have to compete on the lowest price because they offer nothing unique.
  5. Definition about work: They are defined by what you do rather than by who you are.
  6. Too much self-promotion: They make more advertising, but the quality of the contacts goes back.

Quality prevails

Quality prevails, right? In order to make a career, you must increasingly deliver more of your optimal, characteristic added value. This is the top of the pyramid where you unique and become irreplaceable.

The top of the pyramid: your ideal value is thriving. This is your personal zone of geniality, with your special, individual personality benefits.

Signs that you are at the top of the pyramid - and fascinating - are:

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  1. Presence: They have a strong presence and way of communicating. They are highly differentiated, and it is unlikely that you will be confused with others.
  2. One remembers: Once people know you, they remember you.
  3. Their value increases: You can increase prices and fees.
  4. Loyalty: Customers are loyal.
  5. You determine the working time: They are very popular and can choose when and how to work.
  6. Advocate: You have proponents in your workplace and in your market.

This is what your goal looks like

It's a lot nicer to be at the top of the pyramid, don't you think? It should be yours Objective be more valuable to other people and rise accordingly.

In summary, your goal is as follows: Find your optimal, characteristic added value so that you can create exactly this added value. But sometimes that is not so easy and what you can do in detail you will learn now.

Situative attention

Sometimes you get awareness , sometimes not. That depends not only on you, but on the situation at hand. In certain situations it is more likely that your Personality attention is paid, in others not.

In these situations you are much more likely to be perceived, heard and respected. However, if you do not recognize which situations suit your preferences, you will be underestimated or even ignored.

Learning the Star Geiger

One of the most famous violinists of our time, Joshua Bell, played in an experiment in Washington DC. Unlike his other performances in the concert hall, which cost a thousand dollars per minute, he was paid only in pence for this performance.

Joshua Bell played in the subway station, anonymously and without a fuss. Only with his skill and the priceless violin did he draw attention to his music.

One of the most brilliant musicians of our time

“Nobody knew about it,” says Gene Weingarten, journalist at the Washington Post, “but the violinist who stood in front of the bare wall in the subway passage is one of the most brilliant musicians of our time, the most difficult on his million-dollar Stradivarius Played pieces. ”

More than a thousand passers-by rushed past him during rush hour without even noticing him. Bell didn't get a standing ovation or the $45.000 he usually pays for this one Lecture would have received. Instead, he had earned $32,12, about 0,07 percent of his usual fee.

It is not enough to be the best or the best!

If one of the most acclaimed musicians of all time fails to grab attention in a distracted, competitive environment, how should you?

Nowadays, it is not enough to be the world's best if nobody notices you. To notify anything without notice will do nothing.

In the struggle against the competition, our natural talents and abilities are hopelessly lost, unless we find a way to fascinate our listeners.

Why should we listen to you?

The world doesn't need another violinist. She doesn't need another one either Candidate for the job. It's your job to show us why we should listen to you.

Fortunately, you already have the essential qualities you need to stand out and be heard. This is good because you will need each one.

Your unique feature

They fight in a distracted and competitive world. What is your default value? Your optimal, characteristic value?

These three words are not new to you, but as Combination take a special one Significance at. Let's break down the meaning:

So fascinate others

  1. Perform self-assessment: Make an assessment of your assets that might fascinate others.
  2. Optimal: Optimize the skills you already have.
  3. Their characteristic features: Understand what makes you extraordinary and differentiates you from others.
  4. Create added value: Define which two personality preferences will most likely help you to add value.
  5. Added value: What else is your particular ability to add value beyond what you expect?
  6. According to your values ​​life: If you live according to your optimal, characteristic added value, you will become more fascinating - and more valuable.

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