There are different decision-making types – for example the future-oriented type who fast and decides holistically. Anyone who is familiar with these types is usually better at dealing with colleagues and employees.


The 4 me's

So it is that some People like to develop new ideas and be creative and others prefer to deal with beautiful pictures or things in life.

The four egos in us are responsible for this, as the scientist Ned Hermann has shown.

No one is better or worse

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It should be noted that no ego is better or worse than the other, but the egos in theirs Combination make up our personality.

Experts among readers will certainly note that neurobiological research rejects typologies such as Ned Hermann's ego types as empirically unprovable models of our brain.

Simple images of our brain are necessary

This is also correct for research, but for practical use in Economy or im privacy simple mental images of our organ of success are required.

They are indispensable to get out of research Psychology to make a "graspable" science with real benefits for everyone.


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Let's take a look at these four ego expressions and look at the question of how our individual personality traits affect our handling of change.

As you read, consider which ego type is particularly strong in you. In which ego type do you recognize colleagues and Employees again? Do you recognize behavioral patterns when dealing with new things?

Make things, decide quickly

The person, who is very strongly oriented towards the future, has learned in the course of his development that he is the best driver with fast and holistic decisions.

He loves designing things and hates Regulate. He sees in Money only a means to an end and less that Risks.

The Boundary Crosser

At all, this imprint distinguishes a person who likes to take risks or cross borders. Details are repugnant to him and only the big picture as a vision inspires him.

Everything that is new he has to get to know and he wants to try it. Of course, this also results in motivating activities, because those who have this character prefer certain ones Tasks or activities because they are very important to him light from the Hand .

Typical speech signals of future-oriented decision makers

This imprint, like all others, can be recognized by speech signals and certain preferences in the private sphere. So are typical statements of this dominance in Brain:

Typical activities of future-oriented decision-makers

Here are a few examples from the large number of research results: In principle, everything is preferred, which in some way leads to changes or changes.

Developing or designing new things ensures a high degree of motivation and creates sufficient Energyto overcome even the highest hurdles. Here the action is in the foreground and thus also the change.

Fast decisions, energetic implementations

People with this character are characterized by quick decisions and energy Implementation out – you could say they are the makers. The changes are very often approached creatively and innovatively and less in a planning manner.

The conception is in the foreground, the detailed implementation is more boring. Thus, the future-orientated wants to push the change, but is less interested in a concrete implementation, which he likes to leave to others. Thus the future-oriented coinage is an impetus for a change, but not a guarantee for a successful implementation.

Too fast decisions lead to chaos

Currently at leading position it is important that this impulse is followed by a host of implementers, otherwise there would be just one Idea or one Concept nothing will happen.

The future-oriented dominance already has many Corporate led to chaos or even losses, because too many ideas are harmful and not every quick one decision is a good decision.

Best practice in coping with life tasks

Therefore, evolution has ensured that 90 decides and acts as a percentage of people with two dominances. Thus, a certain degree of balance is always ensured.

Of course, every human being has all the imprints, but in the course of their life story, two of them usually turn out to be special useful and dominating - quasi best practices in coping with life's tasks. Ned Herrmann describes this as an “expression of individuality” in each individual.

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