The basic structure of a general certificate also applies to management products, but there are two essential conditions which must be met in order to give an appropriate impression.


Why is a good job reference so important for specialists and managers?

To a successful Career to make one must show his professionalism and Expertise prove. This is especially true for people higher up in the hierarchy. And that's especially true when you're looking for a new job as a manager or from a Headhunter was contacted.

A good reference is a necessary step when applying for a job, but there are a few things to look out for, especially if you're a professional or manager. With such an important topic, it is important to know what is important.

Ask for the work reference in good time

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Ask your current or former employer for a relevant certificate in good time. If you are looking for a job apply and present a bad job reference, this can be a disadvantage for your application. At the very least, it could decrease your chances of being considered for the position.

About this Problem to avoid it is important so fast as possible to obtain a job reference from your employer. The sooner you receive it, the more time you will have to prepare your CV and related documents and the less likely your previous employer will give you a bad reference that they will no longer be able to respond to appropriately.

What do potential employers want to know about specialists and executives?

The most important Information for employers is whether you have worked for them before. A potential employer will want to know if you have the experience they are looking for. To ensure you have the correct information, you should provide an appropriate reference.

Anyone who wants to change their employer should therefore at least have an up-to-date interim reference or receive a qualified work reference after leaving the company that gives future superiors an impression of the work, Performance and personal Behavior gives.

What is the job reference needed for?

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Employers are obliged to issue job references to employees. This is a normal procedure that you should consider if you want to get a job. No one will give you a job unless you have the appropriate credentials.

This certificate is required for various reasons, eg for employment, for legal reasons and for many other purposes. A job reference is in ours Society widespread and therefore represents an important document.

The job reference is considered the central document for reputation management

It can have different formats and is considered the central career document for reputation management. Although there are many different types of references that are important in many ways - such as published publications, websites, or successfully completed projects - nothing is as important as the reference.

The letter of recommendation from the employer is most likely to come to them Significance of the job reference. Because nothing seems as incorruptible and objective as the statements and opinions of previous employers. This applies to professionals as well as to Executives with disciplinary and/or technical management responsibility.

What makes job references from specialists and executives so special?

One would now think that there would be nothing further to consider with the job reference, since job references are structured the same for everyone. However, there are some relevant differences that leaders look for in receiving their credentials and who HR should pay attention to this when analyzing it.

A job reference is proof of the skills and knowledge of the employee, in this case the manager. The job reference is a document that describes your job skills and tells a potential employer how well you can do the job. And in the best case, something positive about her Personality testifies.

That's what the job reference is about: 6 tips for specialists and managers

Anyone applying for a new job as a specialist or manager is well advised to ensure that their work reference meets the following points.

1. General requirements for a work certificate

A work certificate must correspond in principle to certain formal and substantive claims.

The error-free formulation of the content is essential: avoiding errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation has top priority. The personnel managers responsible should save themselves trivialities and generalities when preparing the reference. In exceptional cases, the job reference can be three DIN A4 pages, but only in the case of a long-term internal career with changing ones Tasks.

The description of the performance and the personal behavior should be completely, but above all, without contradictions readable.

2. The structure

The contents of the job references always follow the same structure. After naming the personal data (name and position), there follows a brief introduction with information on the employee and a description of the position Company. The tasks and activities of the employee are then listed. These should be described in such a comprehensible and informative manner that third parties can also understand them directly. Company-internal technical language should be avoided, because these own language creations, which are no longer comprehensible for outsiders, can be found especially in corporations.

In the list of tasks, the principle most important first and secondary activity or tasks with little responsibility last.

3. The performance

In the next module, the employee's performance is assessed. This is done on the basis of five different criteria: the specialist knowledge and the Further Training (joy of learning), the ability to work (Intelligence, analytical thinking skills), the willingness to work (dedication and Motivation), Way of working (diligence, independence) and of course the result of the work (quality and quantity). The section ends with the so-called overall satisfaction formula, which is the cut of the individual ratings spiegeln should. If this contradicts the individual evaluation, it loses credibility.

In the assessment of personal behavior, the dealings with superiors and colleagues are critically examined. It is also possible to highlight peculiarities in social behavior - for example, when the employee emphasizes a particularly high level of loyalty to others.

4. Special features in the job reference for specialists and executives

The blocks described above also apply in the form of executive staff, but with some additional information. In particular, tasks with appropriate responsibilities, such as the possession of a procurator or the administrative power of a particular budget, should be listed as relevant activities.

Because executives have a disciplinary and / or professional Guide of employees, the assessment of personnel responsibility should be part of the job reference. How many employees does the employee supervise (directly/indirectly)? And above all: what is his management style like? Is he competently, assertive and communicative? Did he contribute to the development of a team spirit? What is his individual attitude towards the company and personal behavior towards employees? This content is of high relevance for future companies and can be used as a first comparison to your own way of working and the team fit.

Furthermore, companies usually measure their executives on the economic consequences of their trade. This means that the tangible benefits of the employee for the company - the achieved (miss) results and results - are assessed and should also be mentioned. These include promotions, increases in sales, restructuring measures, cost savings, team shaping or the fulfillment of targets. Concrete data such as sales growth, market penetration or customer satisfaction are also among the results.

As a rule, the managers concerned have an influence on the job reference to be prepared and proactively help shape it. In an objective exchange with the HR manager or in the preparation of a rough draft, the first certificate formulations can be checked here. It is also advisable to have pre-arranged talks Set to document and to refer to them again for the preparation of the job reference. This provides a valid basis for evaluation criteria.

5. The reason for termination

The reason for leaving the company should also be formulated in a job reference for managers in a neutral manner and not in a way that would hinder their career. There is an elevated one on this part awareness at the reader. The phrase “at your own request” is the most common and uncomplicated way to justify leaving the company. The expression “leave the company by mutual consent” – like the rest of the reference letter – sounds benevolent, but can be used in future HR- Arouse skepticism among employees.

In particular, the wording "operational" strongly suggests internal conflicts and should definitely be explained in more detail. The negative sound can be put into perspective by, for example: clear is made that the manager has no direct influence on the Success or failure of a company. Only then can the future employer know that the Candidate bears no complicity in, for example, an impending insolvency.

6. Write the end of the job reference correctly

The key part of the agreement mainly includes the reason why the employee leaves the company. This can be done at your own request, due to the operation or by the expiry of a contract and should be formulated in this way. A neutral presentation of the motivation should be considered. The last part of the testimony closes with delighted future wishes.

The wording of the job reference is basically friendly and positive Style written. However, this does not mean that negative aspects are not dealt with. Job references are written in codes that allow conclusions to be drawn about different grades and this is exactly where the employer is given leeway to be able to make a balanced assessment.

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