HR, Human Resource, is traditionally an administrative activity. But in the war for talent, new skills are required in human resources that strengthen the employer brand. trust is an important keyword here. 30 Ask, the Recruiter support.

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Criticism of traditional personnel work

of Love HR we need to talk. Lately I've given lectures, for example at the Future Personnel or at the Personnel Management Congress as well as personal discussions once more gain insights into the way of thinking of persons responsible for personnel. And I was shocked that in 2018 I was still being asked who actually looks at employer ratings on the relevant platforms.

And especially our panel discussion on the topic “Proud to be HR”At the HR management congress showed that the relationship between HR staff and themselves is at least a little bit divided:

  1. On the one hand, they are still too often stuck in outdated corporate structures that are about somehow managing employees.
  2. On the other hand, in the industry for my taste too much is talked about technology and tools and too little about the people, in which it should indeed go on the subject of HR. And of course, this worldview is also connected in both directions.

Privacy: The welfare of employees plays only a minor role

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The topic shows, for example, that the well-being of employees all too often only plays a subordinate role Data protection, with which in parts of the HRIndustry is dealt with quite laxly:

I'm thinking of the stories of personnel service providers, the CVs of job seekers in social media networks collect or companies that the eMails read along with their employees.

And if normal People On the street, many people would feel nauseous if they knew how HR managers try to find out information about an applicant's personality. The Excitement around the profiler Suzanne Grieger-Langer lets greet.

Scandal theme Privacy - pitfalls for employer branding

Even though the topic of data protection is being discussed very violently again, it is not a completely new topic, but rather an old hat, which boils up practically every now and then. But one that contributes like no other to damaging the image of the HR industry.

I am thinking of the following anecdote from November 2010. In this video, Peter Schaar, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, spoke at the Network Policy Congress of Alliance 90 / The Greens on the topic “Which update does data protection need?”.

It gets interesting from minute 8.35, because then it suddenly changes Recruiting and Job Search and the then scandalous topic Google Street View. His anti-Streetview example is namely: A personnel manager at Deutsche Bahn who wants to fill a position and now finds an anti-s21 poster in the window via Google Streetview.

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The reality of job hunting

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You can hear from the grumbling in the room that for some in attendance the example seems far-fetched. But for many job seekers who have dealt less with the matter, this may well be a very real one Anxiety be. Because the Deutsche Bahn caused a data protection scandal at the time when it became known that they eMails of the employees.

On the subject of data protection, social media and the interlocking of Job and privacy I did at the time too Robindro Ullah, then HR Manager at DB Services, interviewed.

Applicant Googling by Staffers? No time!

According to one assessment, HR managers have no time at all Candidate to google. In addition, in the course of that scandal, Deutsche Bahn committed itself to only using material that the applicants themselves provided and that all employees in the HR department could do research on platforms such as Facebook and Xing is prohibited.

Such a commitment is the right way. Deutsche Bahn has recognized the signs of the times and set the right signal with its self-commitment. She probably knew Schaars Rede not even;-)

Image problems in human resources due to lack of data protection

Whether the company claimed that only for image reasons and the reality is quite different or if there are not then but employees who still google candidates, I would like to leave out at the moment. Residual risks can never be completely ruled out.

However, this is about something completely different: Lack of data protection can mean a big image problem for a company - and in such a way that even a negative example can be found in the press and political arguments.

Mistrust of employer side is bad for employer branding

And no company can want such damage to its image. Because this shows completely clearthat there is a big vote of no confidence on the part of the employer towards his employees. And what well-qualified specialist would want to work in a company that doesn't trust its employees?

It only helps to a limited extent if HR managers publicly assure that they are doing things that are at Facebook etc., assigned to the private sector and disregarded because they are primarily concerned with professional qualifications.

Strong employer brands have confidence

On the contrary, today more than ever there are strong signs of a trusting relationship Company asked with his staff. Strong signs that demonstrate that employees are valued and respected.

This is the only way for a company in the course of employer branding to present itself as a reputable employer brand, both externally and internally, and thus to address the coveted highly qualified specialists.

However, to achieve this, some HR departments in companies need to rethink things a bit - moving away from the purely technical-administrative point of view towards employee-centered HR.

Food for thought: questions about the self-image of HR

This may also require some food for thought, the new ones ideas to lead. So here are 30 questions that should inspire you to rethink the topic of HR.

  1. How do you feel when you hear the term Human Resource?
  2. What do you associate with the term human resource?
  3. Is the term human resource still up-to-date?
  4. Which term would you prefer?
  5. Are you bothering negative employer reviews on Glassdoor or Kununu?
  6. What do you do about it?
  7. Do you see yourself as an ambassador for your employer brand?
  8. Keyword employer branding: Do you want to do marketing as a HR manager?
  9. Do you know what kind of employees your company needs to be successful?
  10. How do you find the principle of corporate influencers?
  11. How can HR create the preconditions for corporate influencers?
  12. How do you find these employees who are exactly right for your company?
  13. How can you improve the potential of your hired employees?
  14. Is your company investing enough in personnel development / training?
  15. Do you offer health promotion measures?
  16. Does your company really want good but challenging employees?
  17. Or are you satisfied with the less demanding ones?
  18. Does your company need entrepreneurial employees?
  19. Does your company need more women in leadership positions?
  20. Does your company need more managers with a migration background?
  21. How do you achieve these goals?
  22. What does Human Resource contribute to success-oriented diversity management?
  23. Do we need diversity in companies or is not that all talk?
  24. How do you position yourself as a contact person for the employees besides the employee representatives?
  25. Should personnel selection processes be more transparent?
  26. Are you talking about your job with people outside the HR industry?
  27. How do you encounter fears that trigger issues like data analysis?
  28. How do you encounter fears that trigger personnel selection processes?
  29. How do you think the image of corporate HR can be improved?
  30. In your opinion, how can the image of human resources be improved in society?

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