OPINION! Thomas Kölbl from the IHK Munich: "Minimizing the risk of failure"

Thomas Kölbl, Head of Seminars at the IHK Academy Munich and Upper Bavaria reports in an interview about the Further Training to become a certified CrowdFunding Manager IHK and better opportunities in CrowdFunding.

Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Kölbl has been in the for 16 years Further Training worked at the IHK Academy in Munich and Upper Bavaria. As head of department, he is responsible for the range of seminars in the field of management training and business administration at the Feldkirchen-Westerham and Munich locations. These include in particular the offers for the topics of corporate management, business administration, Privacy Policy, QM, Controlling, Purchasing, Project Management, Marketing, Online-Marketing, real estate and assistance.

What have the fresh certified Crowd Funding Manager IHK of your education?

In the further training to become a CrowdFunding Manager IHK, the necessary Basics on the theory and practice of crowdfunding.

Based on relevant practical cases, participants learn how crowdfunding campaigns successfully planned, implemented and evaluated.

What does that mean in concrete terms? How can the CrowdFunding managers implement the learned in practice?

One must not forget that 80 percent of all CrowdFunding campaigns fail. This is exactly where our training helps:

After a successful final test, the IHK-certified CrowdFunding Manager is able to provide comprehensive and holistic advice on CrowdFunding topics, this with comprehensive theoretical Reset and practical foundation and thus ultimately to minimize the risk of failure of your own crowdfunding campaigns.

For whom is it really interesting?

Our further training offer is aimed at anyone who would like to deal more intensively with the new form of financing and also with professional interfaces to the topic Financing have. These can be start-up and financial advisors as well as representatives of medium-sized companies Companywho want to use CrowdFunding themselves, for example to test new products on the market.

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Many of our participants are also potential investors who want to find out more about the opportunities and risks of this form of investment. A good supplement is the CrowdFunding Manager IHK but also for classic fundraisers as well as for public institutions, foundations and non-profit organizations that want to use CrowdFunding as a financing option for themselves. Basically, the course is open to all.

How long does the training take and how is it structured?

The Concept consists of a total of eight seminar days, which are divided into four dates:

And how exactly do the content look like?

The participants acquire in-depth legal and business knowledge and become professionals in using the relevant media tools.

All topics about brainstorming, conception, Preparation, selection the partners and platforms, the actual implementation and follow-up financing. In addition, key issues such as legal assessments, investmentPsychology, modern marketing interpretation and big data pre-analysis each presented by guest lecturers.

That sounds very theoretical. How strong is the practical reference?

The development of this new qualification offer was carried out in cooperation with the IHK Munich and the IHK Berlin. The content was developed in cooperation with the German Crowdsourcing Association.

With Mister Dr. As a trainer, we donated a proven crowd expert with excellent contacts in the scene. This gives us the opportunity to gain well-known practitioners and specialists as co-speakers as part of the training to become a crowd funding manager IHK. We have currently successfully completed two rounds in Munich.

How are the resonances of the participants so far?

The expectations of the participants were very high. The feedback has all been extremely positive. Here are four customer testimonials that demonstrate this very nicely.

What previous knowledge do the participants need to have in order to successfully complete the course?

In-depth knowledge of the subject matter is not necessary: ​​In principle anyone who feels addressed by this topic can participate. Entrepreneurial thinking is of course helpful and desirable.

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