At the beginning of August, the new apprentices started their apprenticeships. With the successful Application A lot has been done about the apprenticeship, but the real test is still going on. Because the same premise applies to trainees as to any new job: After the first few weeks, the Orientation decides that Behavior in day-to-day work about their future career.

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6 Tips for trainees

Showing up for work on time, reliably the transferred Tasks get things done, show interest in the company and don't rest on your laurels, but also signal in good time if something isn't going well, these are proven tips for trainees. Perfect for apprentices in offices or the workshop. But how can a trainee face the Executive score when the job constantly brings him to changing locations beyond the company headquarters?

  1. Reliability is the most important thing: Being prepared and planning are probably the most important requirements for our trainees. Reliability plays a special role on construction sites. Because as an electrical company, like our colleagues from other companies, we are only one of many trades that are precisely planned and timed by the site manager. If a cog fails here because the employees are not on site on time or have the wrong tools with them, everyone is behind schedule. And of course that has a negative impact on my team and me and does not give the trainee any positive points. For the apprentice, that means: to be on site on time. So it's better to check the evening before what equipment he needs, how to get to the scene and when buses and trains leave.
  2. Attention as a lifesaver: On the construction site it is important to be attentive, because on the one hand, there are many more hazards than in the office, on the other hand, the apprentice learns from the first day what is to be done in his job. Who loses the connection here, comes quickly into stress. As a company, we have a tight timeframe in which we can carry out maintenance or the installation of the electrics, otherwise the equipment would stand still for too long or other trades can not work on the building. Even if we as bosses and fitters are therefore indulgent towards an apprentice who has not yet mastered his tasks, the pressure comes from the outside.
  3. Search for a conversation if there are problems: But what if I do not immediately learn what is shown and explained to me? Then necessarily the conversation search and give immediately feedback. But who is best to talk to the boss? In case of professional questions, always approach the specialist supervisor, ie the mechanic or Obermonteur. Only when the apprentice does not progress, because perhaps the chemistry is wrong, he can talk with a project leader.
  4. Pursue interests and connect patience with initiative: Many apprentices quickly realize that the job is fun to them, but not every job is equal. We advise you to have a mixture of patience and initiative: it's like in any job, some things are easier for you. But first, as an apprentice, I have to learn the basics, the craftwork - even if it should be hard. At the same time, the apprentice should, however, already find out whether there is a specialization for his or her area of ​​desire. So prepared, he can appeal to his superior and suggest to develop with the help of the operation in this direction. This benefits the company and the commitment is certainly good.
  5. Score with the boss: Many trainees wonder whether “those at headquarters and the boss” actually notice what they are doing. Does it matter how committed a trainee is and can he help the team to notice this? Definitely yes! In our company, as in many other companies, the team leaders provide feedback on the performance of their employees, and the training supervisor can also read a lot from the report books. And the trainee himself can also take action by asking questions, demanding responsibility for ever larger, more complex tasks, being careful and helping the team and relieving the strain on colleagues.
  6. Correct correct choice: And if the training company does not fit at all? Breaking a doctrine is a great step that should be carefully balanced with family and trust persons. In any case, the young person should already have an alternative plan in his pocket. This also includes plausible arguments, why the training in the previous operation was not the right thing and how the apprentice now wants to start.

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