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  • BAföG: Legally reduce assets in the BAföG application

    If you apply for BAföG, you can also have assets. However: You can only have a total of 5200 euros in your account, including long-term savings contracts that you cannot currently get without losing interest. Which assets are counted? If the trainee has assets, he has it in full except for a reserve of EUR 5.200 [...] Read more

  • BAföG: Crediting of income & assets

    The BAföG serves to support you financially for the duration of your studies if you do not have any funds of your own. If, on the other hand, you have a job or have assets, you no longer need BAföG. How are income and assets taken into account? The same applies to parents and spouses: According to civil law, they are obliged to provide you financially during your training [...] Read more